Some people seek to be famous, seek to be known, but when they achieve it, they regret it, Famous has a big price; they have to pay that price, price of being ownable to your fans, to media, to rumors, you life isn’t you own now, but people own it, like you have to be onscreen every second, media runs after you, kills you slowly, your fans want to know every little detail about your personal life, your haters want to see you fail.

Your life became a show people love to watch it, your love life, your personal secrets..etc media tries to know it and says awful things about it, makes it like a reality show, no one respects your own personal life like they owned you, they don’t want to know that you’re a human being like everyone else, have a personal life and what they should be interested in is your work not your life.

Are you gonna keep paying this price without make a revolution, an objection about interfering in your own life??!!


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