Valentine Day (Love Day)


What is Love? What is this day means to everyone? What do we do with it?

I prefer to call this day “Love Day” not Valentine day, but is this day about couples whether married or engaged or boy-girlfriend, I don’t think love is just for couples, it’s also for brothers, sisters, friends, son and daughter to their parents, students to their teachers, neighbors, co-workers, love not a word for one definition, love is more than that, is about who we love, you love your sister or brother, your friends, your whole family, your parents, whoever you love it also calls love.

This day is a feast to have a chance to tell who you love: I Love you, simple three words, but difficult to say, to confess, don’t be afraid to say it, confess it, to everyone you love before one day you find that you lost everyone you love without telling them that.

Fill the world with love, be happy, enjoy every little moment with those people you really love, stop say this day is for couples, no it’s not, Allah (God) didn’t create love for couples, but created it to everything, every definition.


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