My dear diary #2 (Love)


My dear diary; I met him, we talked, it was epic, then the sun came up and everything changed, I was so young, met him, he was handsome, attractive, had a mystery side in him, maybe I was fantasized by him, I was little foolish girl, simple, dream to be like Disney princess, to be that girl wearing a beautiful fantasy dress, like Bella or Cinderella..etc.

His brown eyes, dark brown like coffee, you feel that you’ll sink in it, his dark brown hair, classic hairstyle, his white skin, every girl wanted him, almost every girl, his tall hands, he always loved sports, if you think you know him, think more.

I don’t know how I know a lot about him, or I thought I know a lot, now I know he was just a dream, a fantasy full of passion, love that never mean to be true, some eye contacts, a few little talks and more hate, more angry from each other, if coincidence happened to just have a little touch or smell each others scent, it looked like we love each other in silence, but no, we tortured each other, we doomed to hate each other, to hit each other when we have a chance, to say awful things about each other, but every year I grow up, I realize that he somehow changed me, made me see a lot of things even he doesn’t know that, he has a print in my life, a part of my story was about him, only him, sometimes I close my eyes, all I can see is him, all I can remember that one tiny moment we talked like we feel something for each other, but like I said sun came up, everything changed and change me with it.

He’s so far away now, never meet again and I think we will not ever never, he changed and I’m too, a lot has been changed from then to now!!!

Goodbye my little fantasy story, goodbye my little simple innocent girl.

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