My dear diary #3 (Memories)


My dear diary;

“Memories are like box of chocolate when you open it, you never get enough of it”

I have a lot of memories, a lot, like everyone else, memories of my childhood, how I was happy, so happy, sitting with my father and my mother, they told me stories, play with my brother, taking pictures of every moment, meet my family every week, go out somewhere, sitting with my grandmother, she loved me a lot, I really miss her so much, I miss my childhood, that time without responsibilities and problems.

I have memories of my school friends and even people who hated me or didn’t like me, I was fit, not fat, was pretty simple girl, quite a little bit, didn’t have many friends when I was young, tall soft hair, but like always everything changed, my family changed, my friends, even me.

Everyone I loved changed 180 degrees like I never knew them before like they’re not my friends or my family, I miss when I was happy, dancing and having my own little world, those memories about childhood, about happiness, those memories about being a simple and happy girl.

Yes, I changed, people who I though they loved me, envied me, what I really want to know, Why?! I don’t have anything to envy me, I don’t travel every summer holiday, I don’t have car, I don’t wear the best brands in the world, no one in a relationship with me, no one tell every time “you look so beautiful today”.

And now after I though I got closer to my dream, they envied me, so everything destroyed flew away, I opened my photo’s albums and I remember How I was happy, I keep watching every picture, listening to the old stories, like a watch old so old movie, yes, memories are so weird, they never go away, they’re in your mind, even if you thought you forgot them, they’ll back somehow, to make you remember and sometimes to slap you on your face to teach you a lesson, to make you learn that you have to let go and forgive and forget, to make you look forward not backward.



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