My dear diary #5 (Dance)


My dear dairy;

Dance like no one watch, dance like your breath depends on it, dance to get out everything inside, to be free, to express not to impress.

Dance is one of my favourite passions, like writing and reading, dance is my freedom, it’s free my spirit and makes me happy, dance is the way to express myself and be my real me.

I dance for myself, not for anyone else, dance for my happiness, to be free and fly away from this life, to fly in the sky of freedom, this dance for me, freedom, I dance to feel, to express everything around me, to get out negative energy from inside me.

We all hear that quote “dance like no one watch” yes do that, be yourself, fly like a free bird, sing and dance like no one here, like this is your own world, dance to be a free spirit.

It’s a passion, a love that can never end, dance is the world of happiness, of freedom, of life without negativity.



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