My dear Diary #6 (Obsession)


My dear diary;

I and my curse, how can I tell you about it, is it a curse? or my fault? or this is their fault?being obsessed with someone is the most dangerous thing you can see, and when you obsessed with their body will be a curse, an illness, a madness you will never find a way out from it, will be your curse, you’ll be doomed by it.

He fell in love with my body, fell in love with my eyes, with what he can touch, but then he fell in my friendship, my innocence, he wanted me to be his, only for him, even if he won’t be series in our relation, every day he got obsessed with me, he wasn’t the only one, I found out that I’m doomed by this curse, I decide to go away and be far away from all of them, maybe they will forget, but they refused to let me go, especially him, he hold on me like a crazy man, I kept refusing him, pushing him away and now finally, he’s away from me, but can he hold himself? can he keep away from me??!

Obsession isn’t a thing you want, being obsessed with someone isn’t good, it’s sickness, madness, own them what makes them hate you more and more, let go to make them come back if they love you.

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