Every girl’s dream


Every girl’s dream to wear a beautiful white dress, standing beside her love, the man she chose to be her partner forever, to be her children’s father, to be the one she goes to when she needs someone to help her, the one who holds her between his arm to make her feel safe, that one who wakes up every morning and whispers in her ears “good morning my lady” that one who treated his mother like a queen and treats his wife like a princess, like she is his crown, treats her like that if she’s gone his life will be a mess.

Yes, I know, men see this dream is nothing important, but for her, it’s the most important thing in her life, to be a wife, respected wife, then to be a mother, respected mother, yet men keep laughing at this dream without knowing that someday they’ll wish the same dream, and run after it, because this is a part of everyone’s life, to find love and to marry and be father/mother.

Girls don’t want marriage for just sleeping with someone, no, they want it because they look to it as home, as safety, as family, look to it as life, part of life and one of their dreams, so don’t think that when a girl says I don’t want marriage, that she talks really that she doesn’t want it, no she wants it but not now or not at this time, she has other priorities, other dreams to make it true and leaves love to com by itself without searching for it and knock her door, she won’t refuse it because that’s her destiny, she will give up to it with smile on her face knowing that this is her love story, her true love story.


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