My dear Diary #8 (Rebellious)


My dear diary;

everyone calls me rebellious, they see me as a stubborn girl, do what inside her head, doesn’t listen to anyone, but sometimes I do listen to everyone around me, I’m stubborn because I learnt to be strong enough to take every decision in my life, to fight whatever I face in this life, this girl can be a polite elegant woman wears dress and high heels, sometimes she can be rebellious with pants and shirts looks like natural without makeup sometimes long nails, sometimes cuts it, but at the end of the day, she’s just one girl who can be whatever she wants, that’s me, a girl with many colors, but most with black which means with mystery side, her life not an open book to read it, her life is just hers only hers.

She looks selfish sometimes and sometimes look cool, good, selfless and friendly, but there’s a time she looks angry, like devil when someone hurt her loved ones, she’s a disaster somehow 😀 yes, I’m rebellious, I’m different and stubborn, totally different, not a bit of girl, but more of a woman that decides her own decisions and takes responsibility of it…


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