Who Killed me (season 2) (episode 1; secrets and lies #2)


I was on my way to the office, I heard a voice calling my name;

-Anu, wait….

-oh, Helen, how’re you? how’s your children?

Helen, my friend, my best friend, she’s married and has two beautiful children, Rose, and Max.

-I’m fine, but so mad at you, you’re my best friend and didn’t talk to you for months?!!!

-Helen, please, you know I have a lot of work, don’t be mad at me please, I’m really sorry, I’ll make it up to you.

-oh, really, when? How? where?

I smiled and said:

-Mmm, tonight, at our favourite restaurant, having dinner, how that sounds?

-it sounds very good, okay tonight then, see you my BFF.

-see you. at 7 pm okay…


she smiled at me, then she walked away, I went up to the office, once I’m in, Nicholas came to me and said:

-where have you been?

-I met Helen before I came up.

-oh, and before?

-Nicholas, what’s going on?

-there’s something strange happened…


-do you remember the girl in the red dress from the masquerade?

-which one?

-the girl whose her eyes were blue, and she was with her husband, she died today in the morning in her apartment.


-yes, she died.


-the inspector called me and asked me to come to investigate the murder.

-are you sure it’s a murder?

-yes, Anu, it’s because he said she was hanged up by a rope, not a suicide.

-Mmm, okay, let’s go.

we got in the car, Nicholas drove to the girl’s apartment, I asked:

-isn’t she a Russian?

-yes, why?

-she lived in Russia or here in the USA??

-no, in the USA, but why??!!

-you go, I’ll follow you…

-where are you going?

-I’ll make a phone call.

-okay, hurry up, please.

-okay, I’ll.

I took my phone and dialled Carlos’s number, after a few seconds, he answered:

-Hello, love did you miss me already, Anushka??

-No, and stop this funny accent you have, listen to me, something strange happened.


-the girl I met in your party, who I thought she’s the one who will die, wearing a red dress, with her husband.

-yes, Ely,  what did happen to her?

-she died…!!!


-you heard me for God sake, Carlos, tell me if there’s something you hide from me….

-I don’t know anything more than what I told you!

-unfortunately, I don’t want that, but we must meet each other.

-okay, when?

-today, at 9pm I will finish my dinner with my friend and will meet you.

-okay, where? in your house or mine??


-okay, see you, love.

-don’t say that again…

I finished with him, went to Ely’s apartment, found Nicholas talking with Ely’s husband, I went to them, the man said:

-you’re the detective from the party??

-yes. I want to ask you some questions sir if you please?


His voice was sad, Nicholas gave me the notebook, I asked:

-1st I want your full name sir.

-it’s Norman Hanse.

-Are you dutch or german?

-I’m from Germany.

-mmm, okay, how long have you been married to Mrs, Ely?

-for 7 years.

-does she have any enemies or anyone wanted to hurt her?

-no, she was a social girl, lovely and everyone loved her.

-any you sir?

-no, not me too, I don’t have problems with anyone.

-were you with her when she died? sleeping or in the bathroom?

-No, I was out for jogging. I wasn’t in the house.

– did you see anyone or anything strange when you back?

-No, nothing.

-okay, if you remember anything call me, please.

-sure, I’ll.

I left the man, he was frustrated, sad, his wife died suddenly, someone killed her, but who want to kill this girl?? I went to the body, checked her, suddenly I found a paper in her mouth, I took it and read it:

“I know this girl is his friend, and you’ll investigate her death, Miss. Anushka, but you must be careful from the bath you took, I won’t let you find me or I have a good idea before you find me, I’ll finish all of his family and his friends and finish you too and Nicholas”

I hid the paper, who could write this to me? what does he or she want from  me and Carlos???!! it frightened me, for the 1st time I’m afraid like that!!!




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