Story of life!


Life is about that chance you give to yourself, that step you take, that 2nd chance you take it and use it well, life is these choices you took, those experiences you lived or you’ll live, those chances you lost or those which you took, life is about the story we right by our hands.

My life isn’t so different, my choices, my decisions, the chances I had or I’ll have, my life is about the things I have been through or will pass through, my life is the about the steps I took and what I’ll take.

The story of my life is the story of fighter, the girl that keeps fighting, running, feeling pain, hurt, but still she can get up and work hard, fight for what she believes in, what she dreams about, she tries to build the chances for herself and not wait for it, but hunts it, she’s the practical girl, not romantic, cold heart and above all, she has many scars that someday people will see and learn about it, yes, my story is the book that will be the best-selling book in the history, she decided to write the history, to write her own future, future not set because we can change it, it set when we die not when we still alive.

Impossible is a state of mind if you believe in this word, you’ll have it, but if not, you’ll make it through, nothing impossible, hard maybe but not impossible….



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