The bottle’s letter


I don’t know from where to begin this letter, from the beginning or from the end, or just write what makes me sad?!

Like everyone else, I have problems, dreams, life, but somehow I’m different like I suppose to feel pain, hurt, and my happiness is just a little, countable moments, I decided to fight whatever I faced, whatever happened, fight till the end of my life, my breathing, fight to make my dreams come true.

Some people fall in love, but I never did, some want money, power, but no that’s not what I want, I want the change, the power of changing, the love of art, the passion of words, the friendship of books.

I’m an artist, love the beauty beyond everything, I’m like the painter who sees what inside you from your eyes, but this made me suffer enough to say I can’t, I won’t, but no I didn’t say this, I keep saying I’ll fight, my life, my problems, my suffer won’t stop me from what I want, someday I’ll achieve my goals.

My dear who will read and find this bottle, never give up, stop being weak, believe in yourself and your ability, keep fighting 🙂


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