I’m running from the past, from what could destroy my life, from my fears, I faced every problem in my life, but sometimes, past doesn’t let you go, like it wants to pull you backwards, to keep you falling down in a dark hole, deep dark hole, to bury you inside it.

I keep running, I don’t look back, but my past full of dark secrets, guilty, tears and fears, I keep fighting, keep going and that dream, that dream chases me, the dream of the past destroying my future, my present, my whole life, a little fault could destroy everything, I’m responsible for what I chose or what I’ll choose, but I will never give up my dreams for my past, no one, nothing could stop me now, I’ll keep fighting until the last breath in my soul, my heart, my life.

It’s my life, my choices and I’m responsible for it, don’t judge me for the life you didn’t live, for secrets you don’t know…


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