Who Killed me? (Secrets and lies #3)


We all choose our paths, choose how to live our lives, how to make our dreams come true, we all somehow have problems, some of us could get over it, but some still live in it, the problems control them, in the end, they chose to live in it and be sick by it, it became a sickness for them, we all have something to hide, something like secrets and lies, we lie and lie and in the end, we believe our lies…

I went to meet my best friend Hanna, all what I think about is that murder, who is the murderer? what does he or she want?

I got inside, found Hanna, went to her, we kissed each other, then we ordered our favourite dishes, we talked about everything happened with us from the last time we met till now, I missed her, missed talking to her, we finished, I took my car and went to Carlos.

I knocked the door bell; He opened and said:

-Hi, love, how’re you?

I got inside, didn’t answer him, didn’t look at him and said:

-What’s your relation with Ely?

-She’s one of my wife’s friends and mine too.

-just that?


-and her husband?

-1st sit down, what do you want to drink?

-nothing, answer me.

He went and made for himself a drink, and said:

-her husband was one of the people I was working with, in one of my projects, he met her in one of my parties, they loved each other and married.

-Mmm, who’s your wife’s friends? tell me their names!

-Ely, Natalie, and Jessica, those are the closest friends, also there’s Lara, Jana, and Jace.

-just those people?


-and yours?

-Ely was one of them, she was the connect between me and my wife, she was the closest to me, also I know Jace, and my lawyer, my best friend Dan.

-okay, I want their numbers, address, work no.

-sure, wait here.


I sat down, took a look at the house, big, beautiful, elegant, looks like him. he came back and gave me some cards for his friends’ names, address, and numbers, when I held the cars, held my hand, then said:

-wait, don’t leave now.


-I want to talk to you.

-about what?

-about me.

He got closer, said:

-sit down, please.

I sat down, he kept talking to me:

-I married  Maya when I was 30, I’m now 35, for five years, Maya and I were happy, in love with each other, we had a beautiful girl, Elsa, after two years of marriage, we were happy, Ely was the closest to Maya, Dan my best friend, Ely was married before us, nothing was wrong, nothing we doubt it, everything was okay, then we went to London, I had a project there, I finished it, we were going back to the USA then we had an accident, I knew from the investigation that someone played in the car, I decided to take revenge, the accident was with that girl Luisa, I read about you, knew everything about you, wanted you to hold this case, but not for law, but for me, I know it’s wrong for you, but please, help me.

I took the paper I found in Ely’s mouse, gave it to him, he read it and said:

-who’s that? why he wants us and you??!

-I don’t know. Do you have any enemies at your work or in your life or in Maya’s life?

-No, never, Maya was so good and pretty, and for me, I always don’t do anything wrong by someone.

-maybe, you hurt someone without knowing.

-I don’t remember anything.

-okay, try to remember, and try not to hide anything from me, please.

I stood up, went to the door, He said:



-Take care of yourself, please.

I looked at him, he was different, not the control freak man, but a good man, I said:

-I’ll, thanks

-you welcome.

I left and went back to my home, tired from that long day, suddenly I found a letter, I opened it and began to read it….



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