Who killed me? (secrets and lies #5)


WE drove to Carlos’s house, He let us in, looked at us strangely, with many questions in his head, shown in his eyes, I said:

-I know you want to ask why I’m here with Nicholas? and if there’s something happened?

He kept looking at me, sit on the couch, also me and Nicholas sit down, then I completed:

-The thing is I told Nicholas everything, and the murderer who killed your wife, her friend Ely knows me, he did his or her homework very well, now we need to stop keeping secrets and telling lies to each other and tell me everything honestly, don’t lie to me, Carlos, we need to help each other to solve this case and stop the killer from killing anyone else….

He didn’t talk for a while, then looked at the ground, stood up, walk to his fridge and take bottles of  water gave Nicholas and me then he sit again and said:

-Mmm, okay, I’ll tell you the story from the beginning, when I got married, it was a love marriage, after one year I found out that my wife hides some secrets about her past, I convinced her to talk to me and tell me everything, she told me her story, she was a little girl when her parents died in an accident, she had a brother, elder than her by 5 years, he was 10 she was 5, they lived in their aunt’s house, their mother’s only sister, she was so close to her brother Andres, he loved her so much, so much, they went to school together, they talked to each other and when they became teenagers, adult they experienced many things together, they read about sex, love then one day he kissed her, then everything slowly became more and more between them, not brother and sister but like lovers, when she got in the college in New York, she felt in love with someone, when Andres found out that, he threaten her she’s his only his not to anyone else and if she didn’t go away from this boy he will hurt him, and she was afraid so of course, she went away from the boy, Ely was her best friend, she told her everything about her and her and Andres, Ely advised her to come with her to Russia, then I met her there, she was in her 3rd year in the college, I married her, she didn’t tell Andres about me, even not telling me about him, then I comforted her that I’ll keep her safe, but after a while I found out she keeps going to her brother, she told me that this because she doesn’t want him to find out anything or hurt me, I took her in our marriage anniversary on a trip then the accident happened and she died carrying my daughter inside her…..

-How were you sure that this child is yours?

He looked at me with angry look and then stood up, got closer to me holding me closer to him, hurting my hands, and said:

-Andres can’t give birth, and we made a DNA test, it was difficult and dangerous but we wanted to get sure about this child, I loved her and will do anything to know who killed her and punish him or her…

-Let me go, Carlos, you hurting me…

Nicholas pushed him away from me and shouted on him:

-let her, and never touch her again.

I said, holding Nicholas’s hand:

-it’s okay, I’m okay…

He kissed me, then Carlos said:

-I sometimes think that Andres killed her, but how? he was in love with her.

-so who is Luisa to you or your wife?

-she was working with her also she said to her she’s in love with her brother, even Andres lived with her, maybe they still living together.

I stood silent for moments don’t know how much, but Nicholas broke the silence in the room and said:

-Maybe we need to investigate everything about your wife, her story, Andres, Luisa and everyone related to your wife.

I said:

-yes, we should.

Carlos said:

-Do whatever it takes to know who killed her, and wait here for a minute I will give you something.

He went to one of the rooms, then got out with four notebooks in his hand, he gave them to me saying to me that those are her diaries, everything she wrote in here, even her letters with her brother Andres, then he gave me her cell Phone too and her laptop too, I thanked him, he drove us to the door, we went back to my home.

But I found another letter…..




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