Dance with me


Dance with me, my love. dance with me until we get tired, dance with me until we fall down in the ground, dance with me, let us tell the world about our love not by words, but by eyes, our eyes that express our love, our passion, our madness.

Embrace me and let me hug you all the day, let us dance under that moon who watches us, envies us, dance with me like you want to be loved that way, you made me crazy by you, you made me from a man who controls everything to a man who wants to give you what your heart desires, you made me yours, from body to soul to heart, to even mind, you made me that man who wants just you, only you, and my love, listen carefully you’re mine only mine, no one can take you from me, I won’t let you, so embrace me with your love and let me fly with you.

Dance with me, kiss me, embrace me, you’re mine and I’m yours.


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