Who Killed me (secrets and Lies #6)


When I got back I found another letter on the floor in front my door, I took it, Nicholas was with me, we got inside, I opened it then read it:

Dear Anu;

oh, my darling, why you told Nicholas that was your 1st fault, 2nd you also told Carlos, 2 faults in one day, this is a lot for one day my dear friend, oh I know you’ll ask how did I know that? Am I following you stalking you?

No, it’s not stalking, but I can know everything when I want because I’m 1 step ahead of you, you don’t even take me series, don’t you?!

I’ll give you now a chance to fix what have you done, but I won’t tell you that chance now.

Later Anu.

I got angry, I throw the letter on the floor, Nicholas took it and read it again, then said:

-Come down Anu, He tries to make you lose control.

-He could hurt you or Hurt Carlos, I can’t save you both.

-Why do I feel that you began caring much about Carlos?

-What?! I can’t believe you now, this man could be killed or someone he loves could be killed, this my work to stop murders, to try to save people, not just investigating murders….

-I’m sorry, but… whatever don’t worry, I’m with you, I will not make that psychopath hurt you or me or Carlos, we have to think and act right, please come down.

-I’m sorry I got angry with you, please stay with me tonight.

-without saying, I’ll stay even if you wouldn’t ask, my love.

we smile to each other, he held me, we embraced each other, I felt save between his hands, felt everything gonna be okay and this nightmare has to end eventually.

He took me to my room, said:

-take a hot bath, then sleep, did you eat?!


-okay, take your bath and I’ll make something to eat, you have to eat, my love.

I listened to him, got inside my room, closed the door, I took my blue and white pajama, I filled the bath with hot water, I sit inside, tried to come down and relax, then I heard my cell phone ringing, I took it and answered:


Carlos’ voice :

-Anushka, Hi

-Hi, Carlos, what do you want?

-I want to come to you now.


-when I come you’ll know. Can I?

-No, I don’t want to talk to you or see you now Carlos. and by the way Nicholas with me.

-Mmm, why you don’t want to see me?

-Because I hate you from the 1st moment I saw you in this party, I hate the day I accepted you invitation, and I hate you being so close to me Carlos, why did you get in my life for God sake???!!!

-I chose you because you’re so good at your work, actually you’re the best, and about being close to you this I didn’t plan for it, don’t know why I need you to be close, or why I trust you, or even why I want you now to be with me, all I know something drag me to you, something I don’t understand, and when you told me about the threat letters, I just want to make sure that you’re safe.

-stop, please, I’ll talk to you later, I will hang now.

-okay, good night.

-Good night Carlos.

I got out from the bathroom, I went to Nicholas, we ate together, he was going to sleep on the couch, I took his hand and took him with me to my room, I slept beside him, looking to his eyes, falling deep in his blue baby eyes, oh How much I love him, I can’t lose him, I embrace him, then we fell asleep.

Next morning, I woke up, I got out for jogging, left Nicholas sleeping, then after an hour I got back, he was up, I said:

-Hi, good morning

-Good morning, my love, I made the breakfast, go take your shower then come.

I smiled then went to take a quick shower, I wore my dark blue Jeanes, light brown half boots, white shirt, made my hair ponytail, Nicholas loves me in brown and black also sometimes in blue, I went out to him, we ate then I got a call from the police office that they found out another murder happened last night, Nicholas drove us to the murder’s place, it was a big house, rich one and when I read the house name: Richmond, I knew this house belong to one of Carlos’s wife friends, my gut felt it sensed it, I got inside with Nicholas, I took a look on the body, it was a girl, in 30’s maybe 30 or 31, then the police officer gave me her ID, Natalie Richmond, oh my… this is one of her closest friends.

I took Nicholas far from the police officers, told him, that Natalie is one of Carlos’s wife, he took her ID from me, then told me he will investigate everything about her, he went and I went back to the police officer and the body, I took a look at the body again, she was killed by hung by rope from the neck attached by her legs and hands, she was tortured before die, or he didn’t kill her because he wanted something from her 1st, I have to stop this before anyone killed again…..


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