The Sea


The sea is like the human, inside every one of us many secrets, many things, many experiences that made us who we are, the sea is the same, has many secrets, many things, many stories to tell, sad or happy, bad or good stories, the sea is the one thing we consider it mystery, we think that it holds a lot of it, but actually it holds another life under it, life looks like life on the lands, it looks normal, but the mystery not in the life of it, but in the stories that it holds deep so deep under its surface, those stories that age made it ancient, stories could teach us so much, but if we dig it deep we could lose ourselves, the sea is dangerous as it is so beautiful.

What it hides from us is what makes us love it more, what makes us want to dig deep and know its secrets, what we think it’s unknown, is what we want to make it be known, the sea is so big and so deep, if you want to know it you have to the risk to sink inside it deeply…….



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