No one reads but…

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This is a true story:

This story about me, and my dream, yes, I’ll write about myself for the 1st time, I don’t know from where I should begin, from the 1st time I wrote or from the 1st time I decided to make a blog or write a post on Facebook and Twitter, nothing is simple, if it’s precious, it’ll be hard to get, dreams are precious, like Gold, Diamonds..etc, dreams are something we all have, but some of us work hard to make them true and some stay dreaming, it’ll be just dreams.  

Life is so difficult, nothing is easy or simple, but nothing is impossible, or will never happen, who said that? people who keep talking and never did anything or people who have negative energy? for advice: don’t listen to those two kinds of people, they actually like a disaster, don’t come near them.

My life isn’t easy nor hard, but full of mixed situations, that made me who I’m now, everything began with the passion I have for reading, I love reading, it’s like a breathing for me, like oxygen, something so important in my life, books are my drugs, my mother taught me to read, when I learnt for the 1st time ABC she gave me some children’s books and I began to read, the 1st time I read a word it felt like it touched my heart, my soul, my body, and from here  began the love of reading, when I was 10 I began telling stories from my imagination, stories that could be novels, could be books, I was and still a storyteller, when I became a teen I started writing, after I made a Facebook account and Twiter, I kept writing, but no one reads, why???

simply because I’m from the internet and Laptops generation, means; the generation that doesn’t read, but watching movies, TV shows, going to night clubs, or to have fun with friends, but doesn’t read, not even for learning something, those people are so so much in my home country, because of that I decided to write in English, still no one reads, but I never ever gave up, some people tried to put me down, some told me: my English is bad, some told me why not write by Arabic, some told me that you write long articles, blah blah blah…

I wrote and still write in Arabic my mother language, but no one reads, I improved my English skills but no reads, I sometimes write small pieces, but still no one reads, Why? 

No answer??!! maybe I’m boring, maybe you don’t read to judge well, maybe it’s all about being in the internet generation 😀 if you think for once I’ll give up writing or give up my dreams, I’m sorry to tell you that I’ll not give up, or be negative, I’ll be the best selling author and who tried to put me down will read for me and see my books in everywhere, simply, it’s not just a dream, it’s a war, a fight, my life, my passion, I don’t care if you understand or not, if you make fun of me or not, if you read or not, if 1000 don’t read, there’ll be 10000 reads, if there’s a million don’t read there will be a billion will read and I won’t give up till I reach the Billion people who read.



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