She’s mine


Everything began from the day I saw her coming to my class, at the 1st I didn’t look at her, but one day we had a discussion at the class, she talked for the 1st time, she’s simple, her face without any makeup, beautiful, pure eyes, those eyes that tell you everything inside them when they want and hide everything when they want, her baby innocent face attracted me, I don’t know how, but all I know she attracted me, her talking was smooth, clean and polite.

She’s strong and that what made me more interested in her, I have been teaching for 7 years now, I love photographing, work at magazines, saw many girls, but no girl could attract me like her, “Selina” that’s her name, her name is describing her: moon goddess, heaven, or sky, her name is beautiful like her.

I kept looking at her when she talked and every time she talks I keep looking at her, her eyes in mine, she’s smart, strong, dominant, extrovert girl, mystery, sometimes I’m afraid of her strength power, afraid of  her ambitions, sometimes I want to understand her and other times I want to get myself away from her, I felt that I shouldn’t be that close to her, somehow I felt she is changing me.

And I was really changing, I began to discover a new side of me, new selfish side, new crazy and mad side, the side that wants to own her, to make her mine, to be with her every moment, to make her love me, to prevent anyone from seeing what I see in her, from becoming close to her, I became jealous, I didn’t even have the courage to tell her I love her, but one day everything changed, this was at small party at the end of the course, she was with someone, I couldn’t control myself, I went to her and took her away from the party, I said:

– I want to talk to you, Selina

– sure sir, talk, is everything okay??!

– No, nothing is okay, the thing is I hate to see you with someone else, hate to see you love someone else, I want you from the day my I heard your voice and saw your eyes, I love you, I’m crazy and madly in love with you…

– ………

– why don’t you say anything?

– I don’t know what I should say, sir?

– stop saying “Sir”

– why?

– because it irritates me, makes me angry and feel that there’s a lot of barriers between us.

– there are some barriers between us, sir, I have a boyfriend, we gonna marry at the end of this year.

– What?!!!!

– yes, sir, I will marry.

– you can’t.

– I can’t what, sir, marry or love someone else, I never showed to you that I’m interested in you except in a professional way…

She was going to go and leave me, I didn;t know at this time what happened to me, all I know that I took her to my car, I took her to my farm house, to be far away from everyone, I literally kidnapped her, she kept talking nd convincing me not to do that, but I didn’t hear her, I took her, I opened the door of the house, got her inside, she was angry and said:

– Are you crazy?

– yes. I’m

– why do you do that?

– because I love you?

– is this love? do you call this love???

– call whatever you want, Selina, you’re mine

– you’re completely crazy and frightened me now!!

– Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you, I just can’t imagine you with someone else…

– Love isn’t by forcing…

– I don’t care what way I’ll take but I’ll do anything to make you mine anything

I came closer to her, but she was going back, she was afraid, her eyes showed that she was afraid of me, I couldn’t stop myself from coming close to her, her back hit the wall, I was in front of her, so close to her, I was so close, I could hear her breathing, her eyes looked away, but I held her face and made her look at me, look into my eyes to see how much I love her, she looked at me, I looked at her, her dark brown eyes like always make me crazy about her, I want her, and don’t care how I’ll do that, but I’ll make her mine…

To be Continued   



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