She’s Mine (part 2)


I took her to my farm house, I put her there, against her well I kept her in my house, she’s mad at me, I know, but I can’t let her be to someone else, I can’t see her marries someone else, silence was so hard between us for few minutes, It seemed like hours and days, I broke the silence and went to sit across her on the table in front of her, she was sitting on the couch like a little girl, hugging her legs between her hands, she was afraid, I said:

-Hey, don’t be afraid, please.

-How couldn’t I be afraid?

-I won’t hurt you, I love you.

-Is this love??

-I can’t see you with someone else, for God’s sake, Selina, you did this..

She stood up and said with angry and crying voice:

-Did what?! you love me, I’m not, you mad, what’s my fault?

-Your fault is changing me, making me love you madly, I never been like that.

-oh, everyone will love someone from one side will put the blame on the other side, oh please, you’re not a teen boy or something, you’re old enough to understand, maybe age not the problem, the problem in your mentality.

I held her hands strongly, I was so angry at this moment, I kept looking in her eyes, pushed her toward the wall, I said:

-you know I loved before, but never been crazy madly in love with some little girl, you… you made me the monster you see now, sometimes love changes people from good to bad or from bad to good, we won’t know until we live together a little bit and see what will happen, my love, so that means you won’t be out from this house until I say so.

She looked at me, cried from pain, I hurt her, but I changed from a peaceful man to a man looks like a beast, wants what he owns, and I own her, she’s mine and only mine…

I went out to buy her clothes and things she will need, I got my clothes and my things from my house in the city, I bought food and left a note to her family that she is doing a project with me and we had to travel and our phones might not have any single or closed, they believed me, I went back to the farmhouse, I got in, she was still sitting on the same couch for hours, it was already the night, I got closer to her, she was sleeping, I held her, she’s so beautiful, looks like an angel, I put her in the room on the right side of my room, my room was in the middle between other two rooms and closer to the stairs, her room is on my right side and far from the stairs.

She looked so innocent sleeping, I kissed her forehead, I got her things and put it in the room then close the door after me, went to my room, put my things in the closet, got downstairs, put the food in fridge and cleaned the plates and cups in the kitchen, finished everything, I went to my room, wore my pant, I heard her room’s door opening, I carefully looked from behind my door, she wasn’t sleep, she wanted to run away on this night, I went outside and took her inside my room, held her hands hard, I said:

-what the hell are you thinking?

-I wanted to run away.

-yeah, I can see that.

-why do you do all of this madness?

-you know why, stop because you won’t get out from here until I say so.

-leave me alone, Jonathan….

For the 1st time, she said my name, I liked it so much from her, yeah, she was angry, mad at me, but it was so beautiful from her.

– say it again..

-say what?!

-my name.

-you crazy!!

-yes, crazy about you.

I touched her cheeks by my hands, that beautiful face, I touched her lips, she’s amazing, stunning even when she’s angry, she’s just beyond beautiful, in this moment I wanted to kiss her, I got closer to her, she didn’t say anything and kept looking at me, her eyes deep and fantastic, I got closer even more, the air between us became one breath, we were so close, she was going to give up, but suddenly she pushed me away and said:

-I hate you

She went to her room, we slept…..

Days were gone, one after another, we still fight, today was the same scenario, I made the breakfast, we ate, I look after the horses, she was looking from the window, I went back to her, I said:

-do you want to ride a horse?

she looked at me and a smile on her face, finally.

-yes, I want.

-okay, come with me.

we went out, she saw the horses and went to “Margot” black female horse, the most beautiful one, the fastest, she said:

-I want to ride this one.

-this one is dangerous and fast.


I was worried enough, but I couldn’t refuse, she was finally smiling at me.

-Okay, let’s go.

We went out with the horses, everything was fine in the 1st few moments, suddenly “Margot” began to run fast, Selina, was screaming, I ran after her, I tried to run fast as I can, Margot was so fast, I ran faster, I got closer to her, I said:

-Selina, give me your hand!

-I can’t….

-don’t be afraid of her, come down and give me your hand slowly.


she took a deep breath, she gave me her hand, I tried to reach her until I held her hand, I got closer to “Margot” took Selina on my horse in front of me, hse was so close to me, she hugged me, breathing hard, afraid, in shock, I tried to come her down, I stopped and took her face, took her hair away from her eyes, looked at her..

-Come down, Selina.


-for what?

-saving me.

-if I lost you, I lose myself.


-don’t what?

-look at me like that, love me like that?


-because I have been asking myself, why? why don’t I fight you hard? why don’t I think about my fiancee? why day after day I like being here with you? why? tell me!!!

-say that again.

-say what?

-Do you like being with me?


-why do you fight yourself, Selina?

-because I hated what you have done.


I hugged her again and this time I kept her so close to me much time, I wanted to feel her between my hands, I looked into her eyes, kissed her, I was like a hungry man that didn’t eat for years, embraced her more and more, I couldn’t get enough of those moments, she gave up to me finally.

She’s Mine, I knew it, I felt it deep down my heart told me that “what have you done not wrong” every day I fall in love with her more and more, and now she’s falling for me too, she’s mine and only mine, I’ll make her mine by every meaning….

The End.



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