The lights of the Winter


The lights of the winter, that lights that make me feel safe, makes me feel home, feel the love of the life, the lights that turn on the beauty of the night, did you see the moon, those lights are like it far away from us but so close too.

Those lights that rip off our fears from our hearts, wipe our tears, hold us and say that it’ll always be here for us, the winter and its beauty scene, the rain that wash our sins, the snows that clean our past, the new year’s eve that promise us with a good  and new beginnings, the lights, the Christmas trees that hold our wishes and happiness, and some gifts under it, that is my winter, the beauty of love and life, a season full of hope with new wishes, a season of new life, new us.

The lights of the winter, the beauty of those lights, the wonderful rain, the cold but beautiful snow, all this is what we should see, not the negativity, the winter is a season to forget and forgive, give yourself a chance to be different, to be good and feel better, be happy, you simply deserve that…

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