The New Year


This time of every year, the time that every one of us has his own wishes, dreams, and goals wants to achieve it, wants to make it comes true, every one of us has a life to live, some of us believe in Santa, who can give us what we wish, give us gifts, give us happiness,  Santa a legend kids believe in him, even some adults believe in him, Santa is another story for Christmas, for new years’ eve, Every new day is a new page in our stories, what about a new year, new beginnings, new stories to write, some stories will be with us from the past and some will finish.

The Celebration of the new year is somehow kind of reminder that we gonna begin something new, that this new year gonna be different, this year we had so much, we lost people we love, we broke up with friends or lovers, we failed and succeed, we fell and stood, we cried and laughed, this new year is a reminder that life gives us a new chance to live, to fulfill our wishes and dreams, a chance to be what we want to be, a chance to be different and to make our life different.

The New year is a symbol of new life, new beginnings, new relations, new mistakes and new wishes, everything should be new, yes, we gonna make some mistakes, we’re human, but we gonna learn more and more, we gonna success, we gonna stand up and fight till we make our dreams become true.

Do you know when you buy the tree and decorate it, put the lights on it, suddenly you feel happy like this tree has every wish you wished for, this tree holds the wishes, the dreams, the hopes for the new year, this tree that lights the house, that holds the gifts for the new year, when we look at it, it makes us feel happy and excited for the new year eve, don’t give up on what you want, don’t give up your dreams and wishes, don’t sit still and give up everything, get up and begin fighting for your rights, this chance is to forgive and forget, this chance is to begin again, this chance holds the new beginnings that you need to complete your way to get what you deserve and what you dream, get up and breath out everything bad, breath out the negative, breath out the old things, forget and forgive, this is a chance to be what you want to be, hold it strong, don’t waste it whatever happened……


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