The Self


Do you remember when the last time you sit with yourself? when the last time you asked yourself about your life, about the wrong things you have done and the right things too?

When the last time you judged yourself before judging people? when the last time you looked in the mirror and said: “What have I done?”

You and yourself, sometimes we all need to talk with ourselves to figure out what we have done in our life, what faults we made, what rights we did, what chances we took, who we hurt, who we judged without proves.

We always put the blame on the destiny, the life, sometimes we put it on God? oh really!! don’t you know that what you have done and choices you made or you took were by your own hands, no one pushed you to do it, yes; sometimes some people push us to do things that could hurt us or blame ourselves for it, but who said to you that you have to listen to those people?

You and yourself, sometimes you gonna fill like you’re two persons, different persons, but in one body with one soul and one heart, the difference is that one is your mind and one is your subconscious….

Listen to yourself, sit with yourself, listen to every part of you, this maybe gonna change a lot in your life, maybe gonna fix everything and maybe you’ll be able to choose well and to judge right….




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