Love and revenge ( part 1 )


I went back to that old house, I can’t forget anything from the memories this house gave me, I can’t forget him, his love and the illusion that he gave me, I’m that girl, became a woman in so short, I became older than my age, a fire set in this house, but it was a fire in my soul, a fire in my heart, a fire that made me realize the reality that I lived with the enemy, with the one who destroyed my childhood, he wanted me, wanted to own me, but then I decided to finish everything and but this chapter behind me.

I got out from the house, closed it, it’s the funeral now, and I’ll go to LA, I have to begin again, to forget the illusion I lived in it, to forget him.

I’m sitting in that chair hearing the priest pray for my husband’s soul, my mother in low’s soul, sitting in black, cover my face, can’t cry, can’t even feel bad for them, yes, the fire was destiny, not by my hand, but all I can feel is release, freedom, now I can feel that my soul back to me, my heart back to beat again.

The funeral finished, I took my luggage, went to the airport, then I saw him, how can be? he’s dead, they stopped me in the airport, said to me that my husband is here, it can’t be I saw him died in front of my eyes, then I remembered, this is his twin brother, his identical twin brother, the one John always told me about, the one who is mystery for me, Luke, Lukas Mikael Andres, my husband’s twin brother, handsome tall dark man, he came closer to me and said:

– Hello, Anna, how are you, my dear wife?

– I’m not your wife. my husband is dead.

– oh, then you knew me?

– His twin brother, yes, I know you….

– Mmmm, good, now we can show our cards without hiding anything.

– What?

– you killed m mother and my brother, the only family I had.

– I didn’t kill anyone, there was a fire, not by my hand, it was destiny, I can’t kill anyone.

– really! maybe you killed them for revenge?!

– No!! I didn’t

He took my hand, he caught me tightly, he hurt me.

-Come with me, Anna.

-No, I won’t.

– you will, or I’ll do something you won’t like.

He took me with him, I don’t know why I gave up, all I know this man is so different from his brother, so strong, so powerful, hard, tough man, full of mystery, I felt that I’m in danger with him, although I couldn’t stop him….



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