Love and Revenge (part 2)


He opened the door, throw me inside the house like I’m a trash, not a human, he held my luggage and put it inside, closed the door behind him, I looked at him, he got so close to me, he said:

– this house you gonna stay on it.

– you can’t do that!

– who said I can’t?

– it’s not a house anymore, it burned to the ground, some fallen miserable roof, everything here is just a crap, not a house.

– oh, and this is why I’ll make you stay here, to see how your life gonna be, exactly like this house, this crap house as you called it…

I wanted to run, I tried to run, he held me, took me and throw me, I fell down, my hat fell, my hair fell down on my back, my face, I was going to cry, he’s tough, strong and hard to deal with, not like John, I got up after getting myself back and strength myself, I tried again to run, but he was faster than me, held me in his hands, took me upstairs, throw me down in a fallen broken bed, my right hand injured, I felt so much pain, the blood was all over my hand, he saw it and came fast toward me, took my hand, I looked at his expression, he was afraid, why? How? he hates me!!!!

He said:

– wait here…

He went outside and came back after a few moments, holding a case, first aid box, he opened it, took a cream, put it on my hand then covered it with a cotton gauze, I was just looking at him, can’t take my hand away and can’t say anything, I don’t know why, all I know that this man gonna hurt me, also gonna heal me.

He asked:

– are you okay now?

I kept looking at him without saying anything, he asked me again, this time either I didn’t say anything, he shook me, It hurt me, I said:

– ah, why you did this?

– to answer me, you kept quiet, I was afraid that something could happen to you…

– is it matter?

– what matters?

– if something happened to me?

– yes, it matters because my dear, I don’t want you to feel any pain but the pain I give to you.

– you crazy.

– of corse I’m, I’ll take a revenge from you, for what you have done to my family.

– I didn’t do anything…

I shout hard, he went outside the room, leaving me all alone, thinking what he gonna does, I was tired, I sat quietly and tried not to think of anything.

After a while, I heard a voice, he was talking to some men, I took a look, those were some construction men to build the house again, I heard them telling him “it’ll take a while, sir, we advise you to stay in hotel until it finishes” he said: “no, I’m gonna stay here.”

They went away, he got upstairs, I went back to the room quickly, he came to me, put some food in front of me, I pushed the food away, he looked at me then said:

– eat!

– no

– I don’t like that word.

– you have to like it because you gonna listen to it more often now.

– oh, really, what if I made you stop saying it.

– you can’t.

– don’t try me.

– I want to try you, show me what you can, Luke.

– Don’t, Anna, you don’t know what I can do and you won’t like it.

– I’m not afraid of you.

He got closer to me until he was so close to me, I could feel his breath, I could feel his warm breath, I could feel his heart beats, He took my hand, pushed me to the wall, I was between him and the wall, he said:

– why you want to make me angry, I’m already angry, so why?

– I don’t care about you, I don’t care if you’re angry or not, all I want to go away from you.

– you killed my family, Anna

I shout hard on him.

– I didn’t, how many time I gonna say it to you, for God’s sake, let me go.

He held my hand again, this time he was stronger, he hurt me so much, I cried, he took my face by his other hand and kissed me, I was in shock, tried to stop him, until I felt weak in front of him, I gave up to his strong hard kiss, suddenly he left me fallen apart, my face was so warm and felt it became red, he said:

– did you like it?

He was looking at me, laughing, touched his lips with his finger like he was tasting wine or something, I felt guilty, felt disgusting from him, I said:

– I hate you!

He laughed out loud so loud and said:

– me too, hate is so strong, stronger than love, we can have fun together even if we hate each other, Anna, my lovely Anna.

The fire was in my bones, my soul, I was so angry, suddenly I shout on him:

– Get out from here!! OUT

He got out laughing, leaving me crying for giving up to his kiss, this man gonna kill me sooner or later…..




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