Love and Revenge (part 4)


Days go and days come, I think every day what should I do to go away from here, from this house, from him, from falling into him, I want to go as fast as I can to save myself from him, from those feelings I feel for him.

Today the sun raised, the sky is so clear and pure, it’s cold but good day, I woke up, got my shower, I decided to go for a run, I though this is a good idea, Luke wasn’t here, I suspected that maybe he went for running too, if he saw me, he’ll take me back, I sat in the bed for moments to think what should I do, then I decided to do the typical woman deception…

I made the breakfast, put it on the table, made what Luke loves, as I observed his habits in food and drink for a month and a half now, knew what he likes and dislikes, He came back, he was wearing sports outfit, a shirt without sleeves that showed his muscles, also it was tight and showed his six backs, I took my eyes off him, tried not to look and admire him, but he kept looking at me, I was wearing a blue dress, long with sleeves, but with his look I felt I don’t wear anything, what does he do to me?!

I said:

-the breakfast is ready, you’ll come??

He kept looking at me then said:

-What’s in your mind?


-Why did you make the breakfast today? and why you dress so beautifully?

-I don’t know what you mean, I did the breakfast to enjoy myself, I love cooking, also I always wear good outfits.


-what now?

He said nothing, he just went upstairs to his room, after while, he went down and he looked handsome dashing in his black shirt and black pants, he loves the dark colors, we sat and began to eat, I tried my best not to look at him, but there’s no way our eyes always meet, he finished, but I was playing with my food, I couldn’t eat, he stood and came closer to me, then he lean a little bit, he took my chain in his hands, then said:

-what are you up to?

I shivered a little then said:

-nothing, why did you say that?

-you know what I mean! you want to seduce me then you’ll take the 1st chance to run, am I right?

The rage ran into me, my face was red from angry, I pushed his hands away then I said with angry and shivering voice:

-yes, yes, I want to do that, to run away from you and from the hell you make me live in…

He didn’t answer, then I completed:

-I hate you, hate what you do to me, the prison I’m in, the things you do to me, I hate your look, hate to see you everyday, hate your kiss, hate your touch, I just want to run far away from you, for God’s sake let me go, just let me…..let me please

I fell apart and cried hard, fell down on the floor, putting my face between my hands, crying, suddenly I felt his hands touching me, taking me and standing me on my feet, he looked at me, his look always make me feel that he gets inside me deeply, gets in a deep dark side inside me, my eyes fill with tears, he lift me and took me upstairs to his room, for the 1st time he made me get in his room, he put me on the bed, before I could talk, he took a chair and sat in front of me and said:

-Do you really hate me?

His voice was quiet, husky but beautiful, he waited for me to answer but I couldn’t I didn’t want to be weak and give up,

-you’re afraid, you want to run far away, but you can’t, because you belong here, belong to me, belong to this house, I won’t let you run, I won’t let you go away from me…

His words made open my eyes wide, looked at him like I’m seeing different person, I don’t know, he stood up and sat on the bed beside me, took my face close to him, his warm breath touching me, burning me, without knowing he kissed me, hard and sweet, obsessive kiss, in the next moment we were hugging, our bodies unite, we became one, I didn’t know what happened all I know that I want to stay here, to stay in this dream, to stay with this lovely version of him, I gave up and he too.

The next morning, I woke up, but didn’t find him, after I finish my shower and got dressed I went downstairs, I heard some voice, female voice, I took a look, a woman in formal clothes, black skirt, and white shirt, she opened the 1st 3 bottoms, showing her copper skin that looks shining and  beautiful, seducing Luke, he was so close to her, I was angry from that scene, she came to me and give me her hand then said:

-Hi, I’m Caroline, you must be Anna, right?

I took her hand with a fake smile and said:

-yes, it’s me and who you are?

-Luke’s girlfriend and his personal assistant.

My eyes was wide, I was totally angry, the rage in me was high, I looked at him, he was smiling, he used me, took my body just for enjoyment, for pleasure, I left them and went to my room, closed it, I cried hard, after few moments I looked at the clock I found out I have been five hours like that, I held myself, strength myself and put the clothes in the suitcase and decided whatever happen I will go today, now, that moment, whatever happened!

I went downstairs with my laggenges, opened the front door, Luke held me, took my hands and said:

-what do you think you’re doing?!

-going away from here and from you.

-you won’t go.

-I’ll and this time get the away from my face because no one and nothing will stop me from getting out, even if I have to kill you, get the hell away from my face, Luke!!!!!

His eyes were wide with rage and anger, I pushed him hard and went out I don’t care whatever happened I have to leave now, I took a cap and went away from this house and this man I have to forget him and everything, I really have to….



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