Women, who are they? are they just some beautiful figures to watch them or have sex with them or marry them or have fun with them??!!

No, they are more than that, they are the mainstay of the world, they are mothers, sisters, wives, lovers, workers…etc they are the chain that connects men and the world, they always say that when you born a boy you born a man, one man, but when you born a girl, you born a school, many men are included in it.

Women in every religion talked about her, about her role, about how every man should treat her, with respect, honor, love and kindness.

Women, not just housewives, there are many other kinds of women, pilots like “Latifa Nady”, “Amelia Earhart”, “Emy Jonathan”, ” Raymonde de Laroche”…etc, we have journalists women like “Ida Williams”….etc, writers and authors like “Agatha Christie”, “Charlotte Bronte”, “Anna Bronte”, “Jane Austen”, “Cassandra Clare”, “J.K. Rolling”…etc. scientists like “Augusta Ada King-Noel, Countess of Lovelace” she was a mathematician, “Cecilia Grierson” a Physician, “Mary Cory” a Physics and Chemistry scientist…etc, astronauts like “Saly Ride”, “Kalpana Chawla”…etc, architects like “Lina Bo Bardi”, “Zaha Hadid”, “Elizabeth Scoot”…etc, artists like “Farida Kahlo”..etc, singers like “Miriam Makeba”, ” Lata Mangeshkar”, “Om Kolthom”…etc. Actresses like “Marlin Monro”, “Hoda Sultan”, “Faten Hamama”, “Meryl Streep”, “Elizabeth Taylor”, “Shadia”, “Rekha”, “Kajol”, “Jaya Bachchan”…etc

Lawyers like the 1st woman lawyer were “Lee Tai-Young” and now many others, Dancers like “Rukmini Devi Arundala”, “Samia Gamal”…etc, athletes like “Suzanne Lenglen”, “Maria Sharapova”, “Fatma El Nabhany”…etc.

There are women who were special so special like “Helen Keller” a woman who was blind, deaf although she was an author, “Lisa Czechowski” a blind goalball player, a handicapped Egyptian athlete “Fatma Omar” and many others that I can not count, millions of women that wrote the history in every kind, science, art, literature, sports…etc.Women who we don’t know yet, many who live in our world and fight for their dreams and rights.

Also, we have in our lives women that taught us how to live, how to be who we are now, our mothers, simple housewives, simple girls, simple dreamers, they are our pride, our legacy, our treasure, so how can you men disrespect her?  How can you rape her? How can you kill her? How can you think that she is a sex machine or birth machine?! she’s more than your little mind could think or imagine, she is the main mainstay.

Salute, Hats off to every woman in the whole world, salute to every mother, daughter, sister, lover, and wife, salute to all of you Women, Happy International Women Day ❤



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