By Myself


To be different is difficult, to have dreams is difficult, but to walk all the way alone by yourself is so difficult, close to impossible, but you can do it, that what I learned from life, that you have to walk alone,  you have to work all by yourself to be what you want, no one knows what you feel, what you gonna through, no one could know what you see because every one of us see different things, yes, we could have family, friends and some support but in every way you gonna help yourself and walk all alone to be what you want and to to achieve your goals and dreams.

To walk alone is not to be alone, it’s about believing in helping yourself not to wait for someone to help you, to be yourself not to be what people want you to be.

Life teaches me every day that I’ll always walk all the way by myself, also teaches me that I should not be afraid to walk alone, maybe this is the time to let what holds me and be free to fly and to fall, to be broken, to be sad and happy, to be free to be me and myself…..


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