The Night (Chapter 1)


When I think about my life, I always have the same question? Why this happen to me?

My name is “Amara” it’s a latin old name, wired right?!! not much, a normal girl with an extraordinary story, Do you ever think about what could happen to you and could stop you or what could make you someone else you never thought you could be? Do you remember the 1st time you faced a real problem? or faced a situation that made you change a lot in your life??!

My old name and my story is what you could say that it must be a movie, not a real life story, you may ask who’re you to have a different story? I’ll just say that I’m different, and you may ask again what makes you different? Again I’ll say that my curse is myself, from here I’ll tell you a story about that night, the night when everything began when my life changed 180 degrees when my name, my beauty, my simple life became my curse.

This is me, Amara or should I call myself “The butterfly” and this my story from that night till now….

1st August 2015,

I finished my college, I was so happy about it, I’m gonna step another step towards my dreams, I was so much happy, I had an internship, 6 months in New York, I studied business and Human Resources, I was so happy to be accepted into this internship, this company especially was my dream, a big name in the business industry, “Christopher Andreson” a wealthy man with powers, I was fascinated by him, a young man with so much experience and so much so much money,  oh you, of course, ask who is he? He is a man from poverty to wealthy richness status, he’s my idol, he’s not the rich boy who born like that, he’s a 37 years old man who worked hard to be who he is now.

I came with brightness in my eyes, I got inside the building, looking at it with dreams in my open eyes, with fascination, but I didn’t know that I’ll meet the devil by himself, I didn’t know that I’ll the burned butterfly who went to fire by herself, I didn’t know that my life from this point gonna change forever.

I arrived in New York at 6 pm, I went to my aunt “Lisa” for short, her full name Elisabeth, I love her so much, she’s beautiful and kind lady, if you knocked her door she’ll never let you down, simple old lady but so much intelligent and smartness. I arrived she opened to me, after hugging me so hard in so lovely way, she said:

-My Girl, you grew up, how’re you?

-My lady, I’m so good after seeing you, and you my love?

-good, you’ll stay with me and fill this empty cold house.

-oh, I’ll make it warm with love, my lady.

We laughed, we love to talk like we are out from poetry literature, I love her wide blue eyes when she looked at me with love, but she always tell me that my dark brown honey eyes are much better and beautiful, I thought she just say that because she loves me, but I never thought that she means something else…

-okay girl, come tell me how everything is going when we are eating?

-My lady cooked by herself? oh my God, what did you cook?

-your favorite, Pasta with chicken, cheese sauce and cheese fries.

-Oh, I’m hungry, Lisa, I’ll wash my hand and come.

She laughed at me and kissed my cheeks, I went to wash my hand and my face, I took my luggage to my room, then I went back to her, she put everything on the table, we sat, eat and talk, after finishing I went to my room to sleep, tomorrow gonna be a big day so big.

I woke up at 6 am, went for jogging, it a habit for me, watching the big city, New York, my favorite, I went back, took my shower, found that Lisa made the Pancakes with chocolate, she knows what I love most, she’s not just my aunt, she’s my 2nd mother, my friend, my best friend, when my mother died I was a teenager, 15 years old angry girl, full of rage for the destiny, why it took my mother from me? my father wasn’t close so much to me, but I love him, he gave me the feeling of safety around him, but Lisa always different, she always beside me, around me when I need her, she understands me even before I talk or say anything.

-Oh, Lisa what is that? my fav. pancakes, oh I’ll use to that, don’t spoil me.

-Shut up girl, you have a big day today, so you need to eat well.

-okay, my lady.

-Sit! naughty girl.

I sat with her and ate, she gave me her car, old elegant Cadillac car, I love this one, the 80’s style Cadillac, it’s my favorite, she gave it to me to go to the work, I was so happy, I arrived, and went inside, asked the information desk, I asked:

-Excuse me, please could you tell me where is the HR department?

-Oh, you’re the new intern?


-okay, it’s the 14th floor.

-Thank you so much,

-You’re welcome and welcome here with us.

-thank you again.

I smiled at her and went to the elevator, took it to the 14th floor, I arrived, my bag fell down when I got out from the elevator when I took it I didn’t look, I hit in another man, tall, blond, with dark green eyes,

-I’m so so sorry sir.

-It’s okay, eh.. you must be Amara, right?


He gave me his hand to shake, I gave him mine and he said:

-I’m Martin, 1st don’t call me sir, please, I’m your supervisor, but I don’t love this “sir” thing, okay?!


He smiled

-Good, come with me.

I followed him, he showed me my desk and made me meet everyone, then he said:

-We will have a meeting with you and other interns after a 30 min. I’ll take you, we will meet the owner.

I opened my eyes, he realized and said:

-Are you okay?

-Are we gonna meet Mr.Andrson?




-Excited, that’s all.

H smiled again, he was so handsome, I blushed like an idiot, he left me to know the others and to settle down on my desk, I took my family’s photo frame, I put it down, then put my flowers and the butterfly in the glasses, it’s a glass with simple flashlight and a butterfly, not real one, it’s for decoration, blue butterfly, beautiful, I love it, it was from my mother, she gave it to me for my 10th birthday, and told me then:

“My little girl, this is not a real butterfly, but it’s for decoration, remember that, the burning butterfly is who runs fast towards the light, knowing that she’ll be burned, don’t do the same, be the beautiful butterfly but don’t run toward the hard light”

I finished putting things on the desk, a girl, came to me, small, young with a baby face, she said:

-Hi, I’m Elena, and you?

-Hi, Amara.

-Welcome, I just wanted to say hi, if you need anything I’m here.

I smiled at her, she’s beautiful, I liked her, she saw the butterfly and said:

-Oh, so beautiful.


-From where?

-My mother gave it to me.

-Nice gift (She smiled)

After while Martin came and took me to the meeting room, I sat down, with a little bit of anxiety and excitement finally I’m gonna see face to face my idol “Christopher Andrson”, a tall man came in, tall, dark hair, so dark black, blue eyes, look like the sea, blue and deep, wearing a black suit, black shiny shoes, a thin black tie and white shirt, it showed his muscles, he has that skin, that white skin, but not so white, normal but so good skin, I was looking at him like admiring that man from head to toes, when he came in, putting the file he was holding, he looked at me, a look that made me shivering, look that was so different and scary, look no one ever looked at me like it before. he sat down and kept looking at me from up to down like testing me or something.

From then my guts told me something gonna happened, something not good and not bad, but it’s definitely scary, so scary and so different, from then everything gonna change from the night I went to New York, from the minute I saw him and he put his eyes on me.


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