The Night (Chapter 2)


“Christopher Andrson” A young man with wealth, power, and handsomeness, everything that could make any girl fall for that guy, who could resist that man? I asked myself when he was talking about the new strategy that he made for the company, I was listening, but in the same time, I was fascinated by him.

After he finished the meeting, he gave us the permeation to go to our offices, but when I was going to to get out from the meeting room, I was the last one, everyone else went out, he closed the door, and said:

-please, stay, I want to talk to you.

I went to sit without a word, my tongue looked like it vanished, my feet was so heavy, I felt like I’m carrying something so heavy after I sat down, he said:

-You’re the new intern, right?

-Yes, sir.

-what’s your name?

-Amara, sir…

-mmm, nice old name, I think it’s latin name, am I right?


He came closer to me, his smell was filling the air, the smell of strong perfume, “Lacoste”, I knew it when I smell it, my aunt always say that I can know everything from its smell, and everyone too, he came closer again, I couldn’t feel the oxygen, all I could breath is his smell, he said:

-you’re 24 years old, from Alabama, nice little town, you look nice little girl.

-What do you mean, sir?

-I mean you look nice and quite girl, a sample of your town.

-mmm, I don’t know if I should take this as a compliment or as an insult.

-no, it’s not insulting, it just a noticing I made to myself, anyway, what I want to talk with you about is the company and how we work, I told Martin that I’ll tell you everything.

-okay, sure, Sir.

-Good, now I love the people who work hard, but what I love most and the most important rule is to be faithful and trustable, never lie, okay?!

-Sure, Sir.

-Good, the 2nd thing I always give 2 chances never more, so don’t waste it, 3rd the company is the best, I want it to always be the best, 4th no relationships inside the company, it makes conflicts without necessity, I don’t like that, yes you could have friends but not with benefits or love, are you agree?

-Yes, Sir…

-Good, your work Martin will give it to you and help you on it, do you need anything else, did you understand me and what I said?

-Yes, I do understand, thank you, sir.

When I stood up, he held my hand, I looked at him, he came closer, then after a few seconds of silence, he said:

-your eyes!

-what about them?

-they’re strange, they gave me that feeling that you don’t afraid of anything, neither me, is that right?



-Simple, I had nothing to be afraid of, sir.

-What does make you afraid?


-What?! no one doesn’t have nothing to be afraid of…


-How is that?

-fears are some thoughts, bad dark thoughts, if you face it, open the light then you will not be afraid of anything again, face your fears or it will eat you, kill you and cut you into pieces, don’t let those bad little fears take you over!

-it’s not simple.

-it’s not, true but not impossible

-How are you so strong?

-I just Have faith in God, do you?!!! if you have faith you’ll be strong and you will never give up never!! so why should I be afraid of you or anyone or anything?

-Everyone knows me, afraid of me.

-Not me, Sir.

He looked at me, his eyes were telling me that I declared the war between us, he was like challenging me, he left me to go out, when I back to my office, I sat awhile thinking of him, his look, his tone, I wasn’t afraid of him, but I was building a defence from what will gonna happen next, everything about that man is so different in reality, so different and weird.

I finished today, it was good, I went back to home, I ate, I felt tired, when I went to my room, I sat on the bed a little, closing the lights, then I heard the door knocked, my aunt wasn’t in home, she’s with her friend, she won’t back today, so who came in this hour?

I went to see who came, I heard a voice, then I realized who is he? Christopher?! How? why? What is here doing here and now?

I opened, then said:

-Sir?! You are here? is everything okay?

-yes, me, here and now, can I come in, please?

I was wearing my pajama, I looked at myself then he said:

-don’t worry you look good in it…

He came in, sat on the couch, he said:

-please sit.

I opened me mouse finally and said:

-What are you doing here, Sir? and in this time?

-mmm, so direct! okay, I came to see you.


-I wanted that, without a reason.

-mmm, oh, wow, I don’t know what to say, but sorry, Sir, I’m not convinced!

He laughed and said:

-Oh, My God, you have the guts to look directly in my eyes and be so brave, I came because you challenge me, you are somehow so brave, strong and different, I couldn’t resist coming here to see you and challenge you too!

-Challange me?!

-yes, Your eyes were on me all the time in the meeting, mine too was in you, like I took your eyes, you took mine, then when I talked to you, your eyes were brave, strong, no one was like that with me, you challenge me and I like that, so how about know what I want now?

-I really want to know sir, but let me tell you, sir, I’m really different, not like anyone.

-Because of that, I came, I knew you’re different, it’s the 1st time I came to a girl, the 1st time someone challenges me, 1st time everything goes so fast, it gives me so much adrenaline, you are 1st for me.

-everyone everytime will have some 1st in their lives.

I didn’t know how I got the guts to be like that and talk like that with him, he somehow made me different and he knew that he knew that he affects me….

Everything to him is a game, nothing is real, for me, nothing is a game, but I couldn’t help myself playing by his rule in his game, I couldn’t resist him, or his rules, or his games, in the same time I changed a lot and put some rules he couldn’t say no to them….

Everything came fast to me, challenged me, made me want more, everything in him made me hungry for more, I didn’t know then that I agreed and signed up for my sins and death!!



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