The Night (Chapter 3)


Do you ever felt when you wake up in the morning that your life suddenly changed from boring simple routine to a challenging life, life fill with adventure, fill with danger, Do you ever felt that way about your life?! I don’t know if I should call what happened with me, an adventure or a danger?? What happened in my life I could call it strange, different and weird…

I woke up the next morning, I sat a little bit on the bed, remembering what happened yesterday, Christopher was in my house, I remembered when he told me that I challenged him, that I’m different when he told me a secret in his life, when he told me that he wants me,

my heart and my mind for the first time agreed on the same thing, that I should be far away from that man, to be away from his affection, from his life, I got up from the bed, took a shower, then wore my black pencil skirt, with light blue shirt, it’s summer, so hot in New York these days, I made the breakfast, then took my purse and went out. I took my car, a traffic jam in New York is an ordinary thing, not a something you could be wonder about, I love to get out from the house one hour early at least to be on time for anything whatever it is, work or college or appointments or even friends’ gathering.

I arrived, went to my office, I saw Martin, I said:

-Hi, Martin.

He looked at me with his beautiful smile on his face:

-Oh, Hi my little girl, how’re you today?

-Fine, thanks, and you?

-good, but a little tired, I came early for some papers have to be finished.

-Can I help you?

-yes, actually you can, come here.

I came inside his office, He said:

-take those papers and organize it from the numbers it has, then we will make a file for every group, after that, we have to put it on the system, can you do that with me?

-Yes, sure.

We began working, then everyone became to come after we finished I back to my desk, then I worked on some issues, after awhile I went for the lunch break, when I was going out I went to Martin and asked him:

-Do you need anything, I’ll go for lunch.

-No dear, are you going alone.

-No, I’ll go with Elena.

-Okay, enjoy.


I went with Elena to a restaurant beside the company’s building, but before I went inside it, I saw Christopher car, it stopped and the behind seat’s window opened, Christopher looked from it at me, looked at me from up to down, then he called me:

-Amara, come here, please!

-yes, sir?!!

-I’m waiting for you today after work, wait for me in the parking lot, my driver knows you, ride with him, he will take you where I’m waiting. okay?!

-but sir, my aunt will back today….

Before I could complete, he cut me and said:

-no excuses, please, you’ll come, deal?!

-okay, sure, sir.

-Good, have a nice day.

the car went off and I got inside the restaurant, Elena said:

-Where have you been? I looked behind me I didn’t find you.

-Sorry I was doing something, never mind.

-okay, this is the menu, what you’ll order?

I took a fast look at the menu, I ordered a crispy fried chicken with pasta with white sauce, also Elena asked for wine, but I didn’t drink from it, I don’t drink any alcohol, I always love to be awake and concentrated even in parties, I don’t like to drink, not beer or punch or wine, nothing at all.

We went back to the office after lunch, when I was going to my desk, Martin called me, I went to him, then I saw Christopher inside his office, I knocked the door then Martin said:

-come in, Amara.

-yes, Martin, you called me?

-yes, actually, Mr.Andrson love to see everyone’s work especially new ones. so He saw yours and liked it.

Christopher said:

-true, I liked it a lot.

His eyes were on my body from down to up, I felt nervous, then I said:

-thank you, sir.

-you are welcome Miss Amara.

Martin said:

-my little girl, you can go back now to your work.

suddenly Christopher looked at him, with a smirk on his face, then asked:

-Why you call here that, Martin?

-oh, because she is little and young, and I love to call here that, is there any problem with you Amara?

I said:

-No, sir, of course not.

Christopher looked at me a furious look, I felt something in my belly, nervous, something I couldn’t explain, this look isn’t good, I went outside, back to my desk, after a long day of work, I went out and went to the parking lot, then a man in black suit came to me, said:

-You’re Miss Amara?

-yes, me.

-come with me please, Mr.Andrson is waiting for you, I’m Mike, nice to meet you, Ma’am.

-Nice to meet you too, Mike.


We reached the car, he drove me to Christopher, when he stopped I looked out I found that I’m on a hill, on the hill a big house, with garden and swimming pool, it was so white, with touch of dark blue, I got inside the same like outside, a Lady came to me wearing black formal suit, I guessed she is the chief of servants, she’s old but so beauty and elegant lady, she said:

-You’re Amara?


-Come with me, please.

I followed her, she took me to a big room, it’s a library, I’m stunned, it is so big and so beautiful, she said something but I couldn’t hear it, then again said:

-Miss. Amara, please, wait here, do you want to drink anything?

-no, just water, please.


-thank you.

She left, I wonder in the library, then I couldn’t resist not to look around, I went to the next floor, looking around every shelf and every row, then suddenly a hand held me, stopped me, pushed me toward the books shelves, my back to the shelf, my face to him, Christopher Andrson, he kept holding my hand then he fell his hands from my shoulder to down, he said after awhile:

-I couldn’t say it this morning, but this skirt so good at you.

-th–ank yo–u, sir.

-are you okay, you are shivering and can’t talk? why?!!

-because of you, why you hold me like that?

-I like that.


-because it makes me feel good.


-I know you have a lot to ask about, I’ll tell you what you need to know, now, we have to get down. come.

We went down, sat, the doors opened, the lady came in putting the water and wine, then left us alone again, after she left, he said:

-do you drink?


-oh, what??

-I don’t drink, I don’t like it.

-did you try it before?


-mmm, okay, you’re a water girl then.

He smiled, I said:

-yes, I like water, it’s better and good for me.

-okay, what do you want to know, Amara?


-Mmm, okay, 1st when we are alone you’ll call me Chris, 2nd I’m not a loving man, not that kind, the girl I like, I sat with her a little then after while, leave her if I don’t want more from her, 3rd, my relationships have rules, everything in my life has rules, 4th rules are:

1-no love

2-no commitment

3-just fun and sex, I don’t call it making love, don’t like to color things or lie.

4-when you’re with me, you’re mine.

I looked at him, putting my cup, then said:

-And you think I’m gonna accept?

-I don’t think, I’m sure?


-because you like me too.



-You’re so sure, that mean no girl ever refused you, right?


-but I’ll be the 1st, sir.

He stood up, looking at me with open wonder eyes then said:


-I don’t like those relations, don’t like those rules, don’t like that kind of things.

-you can’t refuse me, Amara!!

-actually, I can and I did now, Sir, I’m not the girl you want, also if you check my background which I know you did, of course, you’ll know that I’m virgin, and keeping myself to the right person, I’m old fashion, old school girl.

He kept looking and kept talking:

-I’m not your type, sir, can I go now, if there is nothing more I can do to you.

He let me go, I also let the driver drove me to my car in the company’s parking lot, I took it and went back to my house, I kept thinking in the elevator that this man won’t leave me alone after refusing him and refusing his game or his relation, I knew from this moment that he won’t give up….





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