The Night (Chapter 6)


I woke up, my head was like a war zone, it was so heavy, I had a headache, it was so painful, I got up from the bed, went to the chair that my purse, I took my cell phone and looked at the time, it was 11 am, I slept a lot but I don’t feel that I feel that I was awake the whole night; I got to the bathroom, I put myself under the hot shower, I tried to relax myself, I didn’t know how much time I exactly took in the shower, but it helped me enough to get dress and go downstairs.

I heard a voice coming from the dining room, I went toward it, I looked inside, I found Chris talking to his servants, He looked at me and said:

-Goodmorning, how was your night?

-Good, but I have a headache!


He looked to one of his servants and said:

-Go and get her an aspirin

-Okay, sir, anything else?

-No, just put her a breakfast too.

-yes, sir!

They all went outside and left us alone, He came closer to me, I was still standing beside the door, He took my hand and make me sit down, then said:

-You didn’t sleep well??

-yes, something like that!

-what do you mean?


The servant came and gave me a glass of water and the aspirin, then another came and put in front of me a plate of scrambled egg and toast, with melted cheese, It looked so delicious, I also was so hungry, I took the aspirin and begun to eat, I didn’t notice that Chris sat down and kept watching me until I finished the plate, then I looked at him, I said:

-Sorry, I was hungry.

-Don’t be,  bon appetit


-What you will do today?

I almost forgot that today is the weekend!! I said:

-I don’t know, but I have to go back to my home, my aunt must be worried because I didn’t call her and I need to talk a path and wear something else, then I will see what I will do!

-Mmm, okay, go but at 7 pm sharp I will take you!


-to have dinner together and I will also send you a dress to wear it today.

-No, I have clothes, thanks.

-It’s not an option!


-not a choice, you’ll wear the dress that I’ll send you.

-You must be crazy.


I went out, he was with me, he asked one of his drivers to drive me to my home, I went with the driver, the traffic was good, we didn’t take so much to drive to my home, I thanked the driver and took the elevator when I opened the door, my aunt looked mad or angry, she cried on me:

-Where were you, young lady?!!

-I’m really sorry, I had a lot of work and couldn’t call I’m really sorry, please don’t be angry, please!

She crossed her hands and I went to her, hugged her, she smiled and return the hug, I went inside my room, took off my whole clothes, everything happened last night began to push back inside my head, I had to lie to her because she didn’t know anything about Chris.

I filled the path tube with hot warm water, put my favorite scent Lavender shower gel, then I got inside it, I closed my eyes, I remembered his kiss, his scent, his bed, everything about him and his house, how can he attract me like that or effect me? How can he be so bad and good at the same time, I don’t want to fall apart and hurt myself because of him.

I went out of the tube, I took my towel and put it on me, I went outside the bathroom, I wiped myself, dried my hair, made it a ponytail wore my pale blue jeans and my brown-white blouse, I put my shoes on, I went outside, I suppose to take my aunt and go out for some shopping, I took her and we got out taking her car.

New York on weekend is like “PrettyWoman” movie, I always loved that movie, it’s my favorite movie, we 1st went to do some clothes shopping then we bought some accessories, my aunt doesn’t love online shopping, I also sometimes don’t like it, I love the old fashion way, I took her to have a coffee together, you know we all need that quality time with family, we went to StarBucks, it’s our favorite.

We sat after ordering what we want, I opened the bag that has my new books, finally, I got “me before you” I loved the movie, I didn’t read the book before the movie like I always do, but I got it at the end and I’m so excited to read it.

My aunt said after our coffee came:

-So, young lady, tell me what’s the news?!

-What news?


-oh, work is fine, my boss, my Direct boss ‘Martin’ is so good, I think he likes me, I have a friend calls Elena, The owner Mr. Christopher is good, he’s a business tycoon.

I didn’t want to talk about him so much because I don’t want to lie to her again, so I changed the topic.

-So, my Lady what’re you doing in your life?

-nothing much, Amara, Ama tell me are you really okay because I feel that you’re not?

My aunt loves to call me ‘Ama” for short, but when she says my name twice that means she really feels something wrong and she’s serious now! I tried to take a breath and come down, I said:

-It just  the work, nothing more, don’t worry my lady

I smiled and took a sip from my coffee.

We back to our home, I found a man behind us, he said to me:

-Are you Miss. Amara?

-yes, me!

-please, sign here and take this package.

I signed and took the box, it was big, I realize it is from Chris, it’s the dress, we went inside the house, my aunt asked:

-What is that?

-A dress, I bought it online, I have dinner tonight, it’s a party and dinner.

-oh, good luck, my young lady.

She kissed me on my chick, I went inside my room, it’s the 2nd time I lied to her, I got a shower and wore the dress, put some simple makeup, I don’t love to put so much makeup, just simple as possible.

The car arrived, I kissed my aunt goodbye and told her not to wait for me, I went out from the building and ride the car, he was sitting inside it, He looked at me, the dress was black, opened from the back with sleeves, my hair was up, he said:

-You look so beautiful.

He kissed my hand then he looked at my hair;

-It’s better when you put it down.

He touched my hair then suddenly he took my hair down, brushed it a little and put it all on my left side showing my bare back.

-Why you did this?

-Because it’s wonderful like that, Amara!


We arrived at the restaurant, when I got inside, it looked so expensive one, and not so crowd, like he reserved it all for us, just us, alone again even when we outside his house, I got the feeling of shivering through my whole body, but I tried hard to hide it, after sitting on our table, he said:

-Don’t be afraid of me.


-Your body is defending itself.


-You were shivering, right?


-So, don’t be afraid, please.


We looked at the menu and ordered the food, Chris also ordered a bottle of red wine.

He said to me:

-I know you don’t drink, but I will.

-of course, be free.


He was so nice, so different, I know I’m attracted to him, I wanted to resist his affection, his influence on me, but I knew from this time, from the time he kissed me the last night that I can’t resist him anymore, and what will happen next will change me and him too….



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