The Old Days


Do you remember the old days, when everything was simple when technology was simple when relationships were simple, those old days when we used the old telephones, that old television when you sit with your family and watch a beautiful show, those old days when we all have time to play real games not a techno one, a real one that we can touch and break it.

Do you remember when you were sitting with your family, talking, reading or listening to an old music tape or to the Radio, or just sitting there to be together, those days where everything was simple, full of joy, happiness, full of closeness, not like our days now, we so far away that we don’t even can feel each other, so far that we can’t talk or feel, we just have those social media and technology that we used it to make ourselves far away from each other, it’s not the technology’s fault, it’s our fault, we used it wrong, we used it to build a distance between us, we used it to fake relations, to tell ourselves it’s the life, everyone has his or her life like we always try to put our fault on anything else, sometimes life, sometimes technology, sometimes the fate, but we can’t admit that we are the wrong, we do the faults, not life, not technology not fate, we complicate everything till it becomes so miserable and complicated that we can’t solve it anymore so we, of course, will give up, we became so weak that we can’t fight for any relationship we have, not friendship, not love, not even family.

We became like robots, work to have money then to buy some clothes or another cell phone then eat, sleep then again the same thing every day when we meet each other we keep looking on our phones like we’re not together, it’s a boring life that we live now, so boring that we kill ourselves slowly, we gave up to death that takes our lives so slowly.

Just don’t cry on the past, try to fill your life with joy, happiness, friendship, love, family, try to fill it with what makes you happy, what makes you your real self, not what people want you to be, fill your life with what makes it real life.

#Pic_taken_by_me #written_by_me



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