The HourGlass

time is slipping - hourglass on black

The Time slips from our hands like the sand in the hourglass, the time fights us, we always try to race the time, we have dreams and want it to happen when we want, but we always forget that we can’t control the time, it’s not by our hands, we can work, we run, we can dream, we can fight but we can’t win over the time, there’s an Arabic quote:

” Time is like a sword, if you didn’t cut it it will cut you”

another English one:

“Time is Money”

Time is everything, time is money, time is life, time is death, time is the main key of this world, of the life in this world, Time is Everything, little or big, Time is simply a symbol of  Human’s life, our born by time, our death by time, our work by time, our spare time,  time is the main key of our whole life, so don’t race it but also don’t waste it, work hard to achieve your goal but also play hard to enjoy your life.



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