The Night (Chapter 8)



I’m a Business man, know what I want and how I can take it, I don’t know if you’ll believe me or not, but I didn’t believe in emotions, love, relationships, or even family and friends, I have been always by myself, Women like a Cigar, every kind has its own smell and taste, Women always been something I’m addicted to, Everything was just a game, simple one with rules.

Meet a beautiful woman, have good days and nights, sometimes just one-night stand, if it didn’t take just one hour, I know what you’ll say; I’m so dirty, you’ll curse me maybe, but tell me; Aren’t every man like me but every one of us lie to just make things beautiful, yes beautiful lies that women, unfortunately, fell in it, we are somehow like a hunters that set his trap, then wait and watch his prey slowly fall in the trap.

This is who I’m, the rich hunter that wants every woman, Women are different, I won’t deny without them this life will dull, boring, full of men, I don’t want to imagine a life without a woman, but then and only then a little girl, 25 years old girl, little, beautiful, brownish her, brown eyes with a little bit of honey color, when you look at it in the sun you’ll see how much those eyes are so wonderful, her lips, beautiful little lips, she’s tall, beautiful body, what I can say about her taste in clothes, she’s just different, She got inside my company to be one of the interns, I saw her 1st time when she was in the college, she wanted to find an internship in New York, My company’s booth was in her college to talk about our work and to search for who wants an internship, then I came to her college, saw her, beautiful in pale blue dress, looks like we back to 50th when girls wear dresses, her glowing skin, that dress was so fit on her, I wanted her from the 1st time I laid my eyes on her, I told my team to accept her, then she Came, I saw her when she got inside my company, with her Formal suit, black suit, also so fit on her.

I did the meeting to see her, my eyes were on her the whole meeting, her eyes were too on me, I don’t know what happened to me, all I know that I wanted her, only her, When I asked her and told her about my rules, I didn’t figure out that she could refuse me, but when she did, when she refused on my face, something inside me wanted her more and every day wanted her even more and more.

I asked about her, she’s virgin, that you can’t find in our days, that made me crazy about her, yes; I wanted her for myself, wanted to be her 1st, to be the one she’ll always remember, but I realized then that I don’t want her to be to anyone else but me, I want to own her, I want her to be mine and only mine, she can’t be to anyone else.

When I knew about her and Martin, I got so mad, how could he look at her or even think that he can be with her, I tried hard, worked so hard to stop myself from smashing his face every time I saw them together and see him making her laugh.

That Dinner with her, that kiss, that hug, that day all of that were like a dream, so wonderful dream, being with her, beside her, embracing her made me feel that I just want to be like that forever, I forgot about the world, the work, the problems in my life, I want her, I want to make her be mine, I can’t accept that she’s afraid of me, that she ran from me, she can’t trust me when I said I love her, I truly love her, this word that I didn’t even imagine myself saying it even in high school, that word that was for me was just stupidity, that emotions and feelings I feel now I didn’t imagine myself being so weak, so different with her, she can’t be away from me, I won’t let her, call me crazy or a psychopath or addict, yes I’m addict to her, I’m madly in love with her, I broke my rules, I broke my words, broke everything I believed in and simply fell in love with her.

I’ll make Amara be mine, I’ll take her whatever it takes me to do, she won’t be to anyone else.

I’m on my way to her, I will ask her aunt to marry her, I know you’ll say “Chris you must be crazy” “How could you ask her to marry you and she only knows you for not so much”

But I can’t wait, I want to marry her, not just to sleep with her or play with her like she said to me, she made me different I didn’t even realize that until she refused me, until she cried in front of me and Saw her tears that somehow hurt me, hurt my heart, that I always said that I don’t have a heart, I have one to pump my blood but not to love, I can’t lie to myself, I want her to believe me that I love her, I love her so much.



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