The Night (Chapter 9-The End)



I was on my way to the company, I wanted to talk to Martin, I should confront him about Amara, I should know what is there between both of them? When I arrived, called Martin to ask him to come to my office, but he wasn’t there, I asked where is he? I knew He went for breakfast with Amara, I didn’t know what I felt at this particular moment, I went to the coffee shop they were in when I found them I went to them sat beside Martin in front of Amara, her eyes opened widely, she looked amazed and I saw the fear in her eyes, I didn’t know if this fear was from me or about Martin or what?

I said:

– Good Morning, Hello Martin, Hi Amara, How are you?

Martin Said:

– Hi, Mr. Chris, We good and you??

– Not much.

Amara didn’t say any word, she didn’t talk, I said:

– A breakfast without me, how could you?

– Sorry, Sir, I took Amara from her house I wanted to stay with her a little before our work time.

– Mmmm, nice, but why?

– Why! what do you mean Mr. Chris?

– Why do you want to stay with her or eat with her?

– We are friends sir.

I looked at him straight in his eyes, he was lying or hiding something or just he didn’t want to say it, he loves her or likes her, whatever it is, I can’t stand it or I feel that no one should love her but me, no one should feel for her what I feel, no one has the permission to imagine her or feel her but me, she’s mine and I won’t let Martin or anyone else take her from me.

I said:

– Just Friends? Are you sure about that Martin?

Amara cut Martin before he could answer;

– Yes, Just friends, Sir!

– oh, okay, so I want you to come with me now Amara, now!

Martin said:

– What? but Why sir, she didn’t eat yet!!

– you too will come I want you both now…Ride your car Martin, Amara will come with me.

They both looked at me then at each other;

– I said now!!

both at the same time:

-Sure Sir.

I even hated when they said it together; what happened to me? Why I feel so jealous, why I hate to see someone else making her laugh or talk to her, I took her hands, pushed her after seeing that Martin went to his car; I pushed her to my car, her back on my car; I said:

– What do you think you’re doing?

She tried to free herself from me, but she couldn’t, she said:

– Why are you doing this? why you’re chasing me? why you want me? why me for God’s sake Chris??

– Because I love you damn it! Can’t you see how much I love you, how much I want you, why can’t you see all this Amara?

– Because of your past, of your relations before me, I can’t believe you, don’t wait for me to believe that businesses tycoon Christopher after all his games, relations and his famous name play boy, will fall in love with a simple ordinary girl like me? We aren’t in a fairy tale or a movie, sir.

– But it happened, I fell in love with you, yes I always have been that play boy but now I just want you and only you.

– Prove it.

She left me and ride the car, I drove to the company, Martin was waiting for me at the office like I said to him; I closed the door, then said:

– Do you love her?

– Who, sir??

– Amara!

– Why do you ask sir?

– Answer! Yes or No?!

– Yes.

He was sitting, I went to him, held his shirt’s collar and pushed him toward the wall;

– Listen to me carfully Martin; She’s mine and I’ll marry her if I saw you beside her or trying to be with her or even thinking about, I don’t know what I will do, so don’t try me.

He pushed me away,

– Christopher; can I call you by your name? She will choose, not you nor me, she got out with me and accepted my date by her well, her free well, and if you think you can prevent me from being with her so try it, I want her, from the 1st time I saw her, I wanted her. So don’t tell me to stay away from her.

I felt my face became red, my mind was like on fire, everything in me wanted to kill him now, he had the dare to fight me and to tell me about his feelings, I wanted at this time to hit him or kill him, I told him to get out, the day was so bad, everything wasn’t good.

I went out to the parking lot, I saw Amara riding with Martin, I followed  them but somehow I lost them in that bloody traffic, I tried so much to call her but nothing, to call her house, her aunt told me she didn’t back yet, I felt something wrong, something not good in all this, also her aunt told me that Amara told her she will stay in her friend’s house, that made me more afraid, I went to Martin’s house, there’s no one.

I didn’t like all that, I feel something is wrong, I’m sure about that, I called my friend, he is a cop, I asked him to find them for me; after a while he said to me that they’re both not in New York, they are in some old farm house; how’s that possible?!

I went to the address, it’s old farm house, simple, the farm is beautiful, I knocked the door, no answer, knocked again until Martin opened;

-Christopher, you!!

-yes, where’s Amara?

-Not here, I drove her home.

-Don’t lie!

-not lying, I’m not a kidnapper Christopher

-She’s not in her home and why you’re here, you have work tomorrow?

-I know, My grandpa is tired I will stay with him this night; sorry do you want to come inside, drink something?

I felt weird about him, I smell something bad, awful actually, I said:

– No thanks, I should go, bye!

– Bye

He closed the door, I kept walk to my car and drove it to the side of the way far from his house, then went back to the house again, I walk till I found the kitchen’s door, I couldn’t see anything because he was closing it and hiding it with the curtain, I tried to find away to get in, then I found a window, I opened it, the lights were off, I can walk in dark; when I was young so young, My father sent me to self-defence classes and one of them taught me how to walk in the dark; I found a closed door, then I heard when I was going to put my hand on its handle, that voice is Amara’s;

-Leave me now, Martin!

-Why? to go to him?

-I never loved you, I liked you yes, true but not love.

-Why him?

He was crying on her, I heard her voice, it was like he was hurting her or something, I broke the door, got in, I found Amara on the ground, her lips were bleeding, I saw her like this and I couldn’t stop myself, I hit him hard, I pushed him on the ground, I was above him, I couldn’t feel myself, I kept hitting him until his mouse and his whole face became a pool of blood, I couldn’t stop until she held my hand and I heard her voice:

-Stop, Chris, enough; He’ll die, please!

I stood up and took her with me, I called my friend to see where are he and his team? but before the answer, I saw them from the window, I opened for them the main door, they came in and took Martin, I took Amara with me to my car; she was shivering, I put my coat on her, made her wearing it then she got inside the car.

After what happened we didn’t talk, even when we were in the car she couldn’t talk or tell me what happened exactly, I told myself I should leave her by herself a little, she kept herself inside her house, I asked her out, she told me that Amara doesn’t get out from her room, sometimes she cries or dreaming bad dreams, nightmares; Days were gone, week after week, a whole month was gone, I gave Amara a vacation to take rest and be by herself, but I couldn’t be away from her anymore; I went to her house, her aunt opened to me, I didn’t see her aunt before but this lady is so much like her niece, same tall, same eyes, same hair, same lips I don’t know if she’s really her aunt or her twin sister; She invited me inside the house, I asked:

-Are you sure Ma’am that you’re Amara’s aunt?

She laughed;

-Yes, I’m and who you’re?

-Christopher, her Boss.

-oh, nice to meet you, sir.

-no, don’t call me sir, please, just Chris.

-Okay Chris, please sit what can get to you, what do you want to drink?

-Nothing, thanks, I want to see Amara.

-I will go and tell her…

Before she goes we saw Amara in front of us, she was so beautiful, without makeup, wearing a beautiful white tall shirt and sports pants, her tall hair is straightened on her back, I stood up, she suddenly ran to me and hugged me! I was amazed and couldn’t do anything but hug her too, she said:

-Why didn’t you come before?

-I thought I must leave you alone a little…


-You didn’t want to tell me what happened there and I didn’t want to push you or be hard on you.

She kept her hands on my neck, she kept hugging me, embracing me and I wanted her to be like that forever, we didn’t realize that her aunt went inside and left us alone, I took her face in my hand and kissed her on her forehead, said:

-I love you.

She looked at me, her tears filled her eyes, she cried and said:

-He took me, he told me that he’ll drive me home, but he changed the way, then he bought me a coffee, telling me about your discussion in your office, suddenly I couldn’t feel myself, I realized the coffee had something inside, my head became spinning, he took me to his farm house, started to tell me how much he loves me and want to be with me, I was mad at him, I didn’t think he’s crazy like that, I told him I’m not in love with him, he hit me twice, till you came and saved me, sorry I couldn’t thank you before, and also thanks for the vacation.

-Are you okay now?



When she was going to go away from me, I embraced her again, I didn’t want to leave her again, I said:

-Marry me.


-Marry me, Amara.

-You crazy.



I put my finger on her lips to stop her then said:

-Because I love you! I’m completely, madly in love with you. Marry Me, please.

She got close to me and whispered in my ear:


Today is our wedding day, everything is settled and good, our families, friends and our work colleagues all are here with us, celebrating our wedding, I dance with her remembering our story, this little story that changed my life from A to Z, she says:

-You too remember it from the beginning.

-Yes, my love.

-So, Mr. Chris won’t you kiss your bride?

I laugh;

-Mrs. Chris, of course, I’ll

I kiss her and embrace her, forever Amara is mine even if forever is just this moment or until I breathe my last breath…





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