Everything will be fine


sometimes you feel that you want to go on a road trip or ride your car and drive it with no specific destination, or just take a walk by yourself,  just to think, to refresh yourself, and then you ask yourself:

“What happened to me? Why all of this happened?”

But will you find the answers? maybe you’ll and maybe you won’t, the thing is we think that we’re the only who has problems and disasters, but let me remind you of this that the people you walk around, people you know and live with, people you don’t know all of us have our own problems, and everyone have story to tell, to write and to handle it.

No one is perfect, no life is perfect, the rich ones not perfect, the poor not perfect, no one is perfect, but the way you handle your imperfection, the way you deal with it, the way you learn from it, is what either makes you strong enough to fight and keep going or give up on everything and end your whole life so slowly, everything has a price even our dreams, and the price, not some cash money, no, it’s just some hard work, fight, be courage enough to fight for your dreams, for yourself, if it means so much to you, give yourself another chance to fight and make it comes true.

Be brave enough to be yourself,  to let go sometimes and hold on some other time, to move on, to face your problems and end it, this is life, some fights, some failures to see some success, some sadness to feel some happiness, a day after long night, a sun after dark night, a smile after a tears, life keeps going, it won’t stop.

Don’t look back, you suppose to look forward and move forward, just never give up, learn to rest not to stop…..


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