The Road Trip


On the high way, the sun set time, the night begins to cover the sky, she drives her car without a known destination, away from the city, she doesn’t know what she’ll do or where she’ll go?!

She sees a gas station in front of her, she stops the car to fill it with gas, she goes to the market, buys some biscuits, chips, and water, she remembered her mother arguing with her:

-Elena; where are you going?

-Mom, I need to go, I need to be lost to find myself, I can’t live like that anymore, and please; just let me go.

-I can’t let you go like that!


-Because you still young you still don’t know everything!

-No one knows everything, Mom, we all live to learn, to find our real selves, if we kept ourselves in a prison called Routine, comfort zone, no one ever will live a real life.

-A real life not by getting yourself in the unknown…

-This is me and I want to take the chance and the risk, I’m fully aware of my responsibilities.

Elena heard the cashier man calling her; she gave him the money, took her car and went on her way.

Elena a 23 years old girl, she loves dancing, loves everything about dance, she’s a free soul; she left her home to find herself; find her way to make her dreams come true, the night came quickly, she always think that night time is the tallest time and the weirdest time, sometimes you feel that you completely alone on the night, sometimes you feel that you want to get out everything inside you, to scream aloud and cry, sometimes to just relax and enjoy the moon.

She found a motel, stopped her car, took a room, she doesn’t like to drive at the night, she went to her room, she went to the bathroom, stood under the shower, the warm water on her tired body, she felt that her body was so heavy, she was so tired that she couldn’t open her eyes anymore, she fell asleep, so deep sleep.

On the next morning:

She checked out from the motel taking her car and driving the way to California, she decided to make that road trip to find herself, to live and to find the adventure; on the road there was a place like a bar or something, she looked at it from far, she drove toward it, she got out from her car, looked at the place it’s called “The Dance World” she liked the name, she decided to get inside and see what is that place, but she didn’t know that this place is the adventure she looks about, this place what will change her!

She opened the door, she found it so empty, a bar on her right hand, but no one working or sitting there, a few tables and a stage but no one is here, it’s completely empty, she asked:

-Is there anyone here?

No answers, she completes her way, she wanted to discover the place, she looked up and down, it was a simple bar, she searched for anyone to talk to, but no one was there, her back was to a door, she didn’t notice it, she went backward until the door was opened, she looked amazed and wonder what is that place, a big place and full of stereos and floor that is so fit to dance on, she looked at the place like she felt in love with it.

A man from behind her asked:

-Who’re you??

She jumped from the surprise, she didn’t notice him coming after taking her breath, she said:

-Hi, I got inside but I didn’t find anyone suddenly I opened that door; I liked that place so much…

– Mmm

He looked at her from up to down, checking her, then after a while he said:

-And who’re you?

-I’m Elena.

She gave him her hand; he shacked her hand and said:

-I’m Dan, the owner, so tell me, Elena, what are you doing here?

-I loved the name that made me got inside that place, then I loved that place from inside and fascinated by it, I love dance actually and want to be a dancer.

-What kind of dance do you love the most?

-Hip Hop, are you a dancer too?

He got closer to her and said:

-I’m everything you can imagine…

She didn’t understand him, she looked at him, he said:

-Do you want to dance?

-Yeah, sure.

She accepted quickly, when she heard the word dance she forgets herself, he went and opened his laptop, he opened a song called “Revolution” from her favorite movie series “Step Up”, she loves that song so much, she closed her eyes, took a breath, her body began to move like she lost the control of it, she felt that she flies in the sky, that she’s free, dance makes her free and makes her body so soft and light, she danced like never before, like she was dancing alone with no one watching her, after the song finished she was wet and felt like she won the prize of the best dancer, she almost forgot about Dan watching her.

He Clapped for her, then stood up and went to her, he said:

-Wow, nice!


-Yes, you need more to be the best, Elena!

-What more?

-What is your dream?

-To go to the dance school in California and be the best.

-Okay, so you need more practice to be accepted in the school and to be the best, you’re good but you need more.


-Do you want me to help you?

-Are you a dancer?

-The best

-Oh, so confident, sir.

-Yes, so?!

-Okay, agree!

-Good, let’s begin, you’ll stay here, I have a room for you, come with me.

She went after him, the place was so bigger than she thought, he gave her a room, but she noticed that there were other rooms and they were not empty, she asked:

-Is there someone else but us?

-Yes, my team and some people like you.

-Mmm, nice!

-You’ll get the chance to meet them, now, this is your room, do you have any bags??


-Go and get them and don’t forget to park your car.

-Okay, thanks.

She didn’t even felt wired about listening to that man, he’s not old and not young, not like her in 20th, he is maybe in early 30th, she accepted every word he told her, if her mother knew about that would tell her: “How you dare to do something like that, young girl?” or what should she says about her father, the man that made her run away from her house and her city, the man that refused her dreams and pushed her away from him, he never tried once to get close to her or understand her, not just one time, he was always so angry and selfish, she loves her mother, she doesn’t hate her father but doesn’t love him too.


The Next morning, she woke up, she doesn’t feel that this is weird, somehow she felt safe here, she went to take a shower, then after finishing she heard Dan’s voice calling her, she got dressed quickly and went to him, she saw some people beside him, 3 boys and 4 girls, Dan says:

– Good morning sleepy head…

– what? Excuse me, I’m not a sleepy head.

– you should wake up at 6, not 9!!

– what? Why??!

– because, we 1st go jogging then breakfast and after that practice dancing, oh, 1st let me introduce you to the guys here;

He went to the blond hear boy, his hair is gold more than a blond, his handsome,

-This is Mark, he’s from LA

Then he went to a girl stands beside Mark, she’s medium height, so thin, her hair was purple and pink but so good at her.

-And this is Melisa

Then he went to another girl, blond and pretty,

-This is Maya

He turned to a boy, tall, dark and handsome,

-This is Carlos, he’s from Mexico.

And then to the girl beside him,

-Kathrine, we call her Kate for short.

Another girl, short and seem to be Asian;


And last the boy beside the speakers,

– last but not least this is John

Elena said:

-Hello; everyone, I’m Elena.

They all said at once;

-Hi; Elena, How are you?

-Fine, thanks all, nice to meet you.

She smiled to them, then Dan said:

-Ok, people, we have to practice if you all want to succeed and be professional dancers.

Days ran fast, they became friends, good one, close one too, they went jogging, practicing, Elena became so close to Dan, she felt that she loves him, but she never say anything, sometimes she feels that he loves her too, but other times she feels nothing from him and he never said any word or even gave her a sign if he loves her or not, then it’s the time to go to LA, they felt a little bit sad that they will go away from each other and from this place that made them family.

Elena ride her car and took it to the high way again to complete her way to California, to apply to the dance school and to be there at before the audition, she opened the radio and heard some music, she got lost in her thoughts about her friends from that bar and about Dan and then she remember her mother, she took her cell phone, pulled her car into the closer gas station and called her mother while filling her car with gas;

-Hi, Mom, this is me, Elena, sorry I changed my number and couldn’t call you before.

-Elena; my dear, how are you? I miss you, my child.

Her mother was crying, Elena said:

-Oh, Mom, don’t cry. I’m okay and fine, actually I’m so close to California and when I arrive, I’ll call you again, don’t cry, soon your daughter will be the best dancer, just pray for me Mom.

They hang up, Elena paid for the gas, then completed her way, she arrived at the night, she went to a motel closer to the school and stayed in it.

The day she has been waiting came, the day she was always dreaming about, the day that she worked hard for it, the audition day, she put her name and waited for her turn to dance in front of the judges, her turn came, they called her, she went inside, it’s a big stage, the light was all on her, she was praying, she closed her eyes, after finishing she opened her eyes, she took a look at the judges, she suddenly opened her eyes widely, she was so surprised to see him, here, to see Dan…He looked at her too, smiling his handsome half smile, smirking her!!!

A voice called her; she woke up from the shock and concentrated to who called her, a woman in maid 40th may be said:

-Your name, please!

-My name’s Elena

-How old are you Elena?


Another voice from a man beside Dan, she knew him immediately, he’s one of the best in dance industry; Mr. Jacob Radcliffe from London; he’s 50 years old man but still can dance like a king; he asked her:

-So little girl, show us what you can and how you dance!

-yes, sir, sure.

She went to the laptop that above the speakers and played the song; she decided to dance freestyle dance, she began to dance, she remembered everything Dan taught her, everything she lived in that bar, she danced with her soul, with all what in her heart, she danced like never before, she became free, she dances like she is flying, she dances like a butterfly, that’s the name Dan gave to her a butterfly…

Everything silent, the song finished, Elena stopped dancing, the judges were silent too looking at her in an amazing way, they clapped for her, the Dan said:

-Wonderful, Miss Elena, wonderful, congratulation; you’re accepted.

-what? Really??!!

-yes, really.

He smiled at her and she was so happy, she went out from the stage and called her mother telling her the news, but she saw her father in front of her, the phone fell from hand, He got closer to her and she went back, he took her hands, they went outside, he said:

-You girl, what do you think you’re doing?

-I’m working to achieve my goals, Father.

-Your father is a religious man and you want to dance, what people gonna say.

She cried on him:

-Stop, leave me, no one will talk, we are not in your days Father, now in my days people don’t try to judge anyone, and Father, I’m not like what you think, I’m religious too but the difference that I’m not difficult or hard on myself or on everyone like you, you never gave yourself a chance just one chance to understand me, I pray and love God but you think that I don’t do anything right, Dance is my life, dance is passion, why can’t you understand or even just accept it. Tell me why??

– I can’t because this is a filthy thing, this is not right.

-It’s not filthy, it’s so beautiful, stop you’re not God to Judge; Father…

He raised his hand and wanted to slap her, but Dan held his hands and stopped him, Dan Said:

– You have no right to slap her, no right to stop her.

-I’m her father, have every right to do what ever I want, and who you are.

-Her friend.

-Oh, one of those who dance.

-Yes, those who dance are not a thing to talk like that, they’re human, people who have feelings like you, if you have one?!! I don’t think you know what feelings mean if you’re judging dance and think it’s a dirty thing and who does it will go to hell!!

– yes, I know for sure who dance go to hell and burn with fire…

He stopped him;

-Hey, please stop that what you’re saying, we’re not in that world when everyone think of dancing and acting as a dirty job like we are selling ourselves or something..Stop this nonsense, Dance is an art, a beautiful kind of art like painting, writing, acting.. etc, an art people like you will not ever understand it, so please, leave Elena alone and leave her now.

The Man looked at Elena and said:

-I and your mother will not know you again, you’re not my daughter, remember God sees you, you’ll burn in hell…

He left them, Elena fell on the ground and cried, Dan, held her, he raised her head to look at him, he held her chain, said:

-Look at me, Elena

She looked at him; he completed:

-Don’t take his words for real, don’t think about it, you’re now achieving your dream, so don’t stop, someday he’ll understand and come to you by himself.

The days Ran so fast, she’s happy in the school, the time came for her audition in front of so many people, a chance to be an international dancer, to go on a tour around the whole world.

Back stage, everyone is dressed and getting ready for their turn, Dan came to her and looked at her reflection in the mirror she was getting ready, putting her makeup, he put his hands on her shoulder, He said:

-Are you ready?


-Good luck then

They smiled at each other, her turn came, she went to the stage, she closed her eyes, prayed, then began to dance, to free her body from the reality, from the whole world around her, she always say: dance like no one sees you, that is her motto, she dances like no one watches her, she dances like no one does, she is the butterfly. She succeeded, everyone was congratulation her, then Her mother came to her,  Elena cried, she never thought her mother will come, they hugged each other, then Dan came, he said:

-Congratulation, Elena; I want to talk to you, please.

She agreed and excused from her mother, she went out with him, he said:

-Elena, I never believed in what we all call Love, but after seeing you getting inside my bar in a highway, seeing your beauty, then your dance then knowing you, I fell madly, completely in love with you, I love you, Elena

She looked amazed at him, the tears in her eyes broke down to her cheeks, she hugged him, whispered in his ears that she loves him too, from the 1st sight, she cried, and raise her eyes to the sky to thank God for his blessing on her.


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