Write; a simple word means a lot, a word to describe an action that means a lot, an action when you can’t talk, you do it when talking is useless you do it when secrets kill you, you do it when life is difficult, you do it.

Write is a way to express your feelings, your life, a way to tell whatever inside your heart, a way to tell what you can’t say, to tell secrets, feelings and everything else you can’t say.

Sometimes we write to express feeling, to tell about love we search for, to tell about friendship we wish for, about relatives relations we need, about real love, real friends that we can’t find, about travel to places we never been there about dreams, about secrets we can’t say them, about pain, hurt, about stories, it might be ours or might be someone else stories, about life,  about tears, about being alone.

Write is a way to express everything in anytime, sometimes put it in between lines that no one can understand that those lines are ours, sometimes we write to just get it out from our heart, to scream on papers, to cry and say whatever we want without judgment or face wrong understanding.

Write is an action, simple but at the same time it’s so hard, hard because what it contains, write whatever you feel, even if it’s not organized, write to yourself or to people, write what you can’t say, write to free your soul, heart, and mind from thoughts, negative or positive, write as a therapy to heal your wounds….


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