The Halloween (Cemetry night)


“Where are we going, Carla?” John asked.

“Where’s the best place to go in the Halloween night?” Carla asked.

“Don’t know, maybe a party with Halloween theme, or a movie night or a horror story night in any of our friends’ houses!!” Kate said.

“No, the best place to go is to the cemetery,” Carla said.

“What!!” all her friends said at one voice, Carla was driving to a cemetery outside the town, she always like to discover the cemeteries and stories of the dead; Max said:

“Are you crazy?”

No, Max, I’m not, but if you want a Halloween night that will be not forgotten then wait and see what I have to you all.”

Two Girls and three boys, Max, Carla, Kate, John, and Andres, they’re childhood friends, neighbors, and best friends, they always together, even after going to collages in different cities, they kept in touch with each other, the Halloween night ideas always Carla’s Ideas, her idea for this year was the cemetery, she likes to discover the cemeteries and the stories behind it and behind the death, she’s the storyteller like they call her.

They arrived at the cemetery, it’s outside the town, far from it by couple of kilometers; they went inside behind Carla, she’s the bravest one, She had a book with her, big, kind of old, like ancient book, they all went inside, they kept walking behind Carla, until she stopped in front of a tomb written in it the names of Maxwell Herrera and Caroline Herrera; Max said:

“Thanks for choosing a tomb holding my name.”

Carla laughed and said: “Is your name Maxwell Herrera?”

“No,” Max answered.

“So, what’s wrong, it’s a common name, Max, okay, now, please sit all of you.”

They all looked at each other then looked at her, then sat down, she lights some candles, opens her book, Kate said:

“What is this Book, Carla?”

“This is a family book, Herrera’s family book, it’ll tell us how Herreras died and what happened to them?”

“Hmm, so nice, okay let’s see what you have,” Andres said.

She opened the book, then began to read;

in 1920; Nicolas Herrera, a man with honor, a rich, fancy, handsome man lived in the USA and build his empire in it, he got married to a girl from a noble family, her name was Alexia Johnthan Hugo; she was beautiful, educated girl, they got married in 1923, then had child, a boy, named him Maxwell Herrera, born in 1925, a beautiful little child, with dark black eyes so black shiny hair, they educated him, made him so sophisticated, elegant, social man.

But Maxwell had another hoppy, he always be passionate to find the people of the night, the witches, he always called them the nightwalkers, something like vampires legends, but this one is about witches, he searched a lot for some of them, then one day it was early winter, in December 1950, he was 25 years old, he was in his car, the USA became different in 25 years, so much had been changed since then, he found a group of women they were all wearing black dresses, and then he found in between them a little girl in her early 20th, a beautiful girl, he stopped the car, went outside to the women and asked them:

“Hello, ladies, how can I help you?”

“Please, we are new here, need a place to stay in until we find work and buy a house.” one of the women said, she was blonde, tall, with deep dark green eyes.

“Sure, I can help you with that, ladies, please come to this address.”

Maxwell gave them his address, he was so interested in them and thought that they looked like witches, somehow he felt it, also he was taken by the beauty of the little girl.

In the night, Maxwell was in his house, the women came to him, his parents died two years ago, he was all alone with his maids and servants, a big palace all for him alone, He invited the women inside and gave them something to eat, then gave them some tea and talked to them.

“So ladies, where are you from?” Maxwell asked.

” We are from the north, we came here to search for a job, we’re family, I’m Melena, this is Sofia, Luisa, they’re my sisters and this is my daughter Caroline.”

He looked at her, she fascinated him, spelled him with her beauty, young, light brown hair, hazel eyes, and beautiful body.

He welcomed them all and after a while gave them rooms when he got inside his room, he was going to sleep but then he heard a whisper, he got up from the bed….

Carla stopped when they all heard the wind, Kate screamed, then she completed;

He went out from his room, walked towards the sound he heard, it was from the girl and her mother’s room, he stopped and eavesdropped, he couldn’t hear perfectly, but it was weird strange language, it was like latin or something, He went back to his room, he was so sure now that they’re witches.

Days came and go, he liked the girl every day more than before, he always finds something to stop them from going and leaving his house, until one day he asked for Caroline’s hand to marry her, her mother agreed without any doubt, the wedding ceremony was special and so extraordinary.

Maxwell was so happy to finally have the girl, the love of his life, but he didn’t know that the wedding was just the beginning of the hell. He wanted to have her so much, when he went inside the room, it was filled with candles and a champagne bottle and two glasses, Caroline came out from the bathroom wearing just her lingerie, she took the glasses, gave him one and took the other, his eyes didn’t stop looking at her, he drunk his glass, she gave him another, kissed him on his cheeks, he kept drinking what she gave to him without looking at it.

The next day, he woke up with a headache, strong one, she was sleeping beside him, he went to the bathroom, took a shower, took some medicine for his head, he went outside, she wasn’t there, he went downstairs, her family not in their rooms, He heard a sound in his library, he went toward it, he took a glimpse from the half-opened door, it was filled with blood, it was like a blood pool, what did happen here? he looked again, scanning everything inside, those people were his guests, he terrified from the scene, he ran to his room, when he opened it he found his wife, he said:

“Caroline, we need to go.”

“why?” she asked.

“For our honeymoon.” he was going to tell her but then something inside him told him not to do it.

“Oh, but we can’t go now.”


“They need me.”


“My family.”

“Hmm, but I already paid for the honeymoon, so we can’t cancel it, we have to go.”

He took a bag and put their clothes, Caroline was so silent and didn’t move, he looked behind, the women were standing behind him, he tried to act normal, they came closer, Caroline’s mother asked:

“What are you doing?”

“Getting ready for the honeymoon.” He tried to smile, but it was so difficult.

“Hmmm, no one will get out of here.”


“Because you shouldn’t see what you saw.”

“I didn’t see anything.”

“Don’t lie.” the other lady said and before he could reply, Caroline hit him on his head.

He opened his eyes, he was in a dark room surrounded by candles and salt in a shape of the circle also he found out that there was another shape, it looked like a star or something, they are going to do something.

The women showed up, they held each other hands, Caroline got inside the circle and sat on his legs, she said:

“They didn’t want to do that, but it has to be done.”

“What has to be done, Caroline?”

“The ritual.”

“What ritual?”

“Your family was from Salem, they were the rich ones, and from the judges who ordered that we had to be killed, then they did the trial, they burnt us.”

“But you’re alive and Salem is now gone, how?”

” Nothing is gone, we back to get our revenge.”

“Back! How?”

“We protected ourselves by some spells to be back from death to take revenge, the revenge will be always from your family, 100 people have to die every century, from your family and the others who were in Salem.”

“You kill innocent people, For God’s sake, what’re you doing?”

“Taking our revenge and you are not innocent, no one is, but because I love you, we both gonna die together, then you’ll back with me and be like us.”

“No, you can’t, let me go.” he Cried, tried to free himself, but they already had finished the spell, Then Caroline took the knife and cut Maxwell’s head, then cut hers, they died and buried in the cemetery where all witches and Salem’s families buried in.

They say that every century there are 100 people died in mysterious ways and no one was able to solve that mystery, some say that’s the curse of Salem’s witches, some Says that’s Maxwell’s soul and his wife, some says it’s just coincidences, murders but nothing else.

Carla closed the book, she looked at her friends, their faces were pale, John said:  “SO this cemetery is what they wrote about here?”

“Yes,” Carla said. “But that’s not everything, I kept doing some searches about everyone died and buried here, they were all connected somehow to Salem, also I found this book, it’s my family’s book, I’m from the witches family, and once I was called Caroline, this time is the time for another 100 people to die and buried here, and you all from the families that killed us. I already did it, killed 96 person, what pisses me off that you don’t know your family’s names or history.”

They all laughed thinking that she’s acting or making fun of them, but she wasn’t laughing, she took the knife and killed them all the same knife she killed her husband Maxwell by, then killed herself, to be back again to another centery another 100 people from those families…..






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