The other side


Every one of us hides another side, that side we keep it in secret, that side that makes us different, the other side of our true nature, the side of desire, the side of obsession, the side of that we keep in it every bad habit, every evil we have inside, every desire, every lie and every devil we hold inside.

The other side, the dark side, the night side, the side when we decide to get out from our comfort zone, every one of us has this side, you can deny it or try hard to hide it, but someday or some situation you’ll get out this side, and show it to everyone else.

That side that is so different from the side we show to people, it’s like having wolves inside you and you have to choose whether feed the good one or the dark one, which one you’ll choose?

Which one will be in control over your actions? which one will be visible to everyone? which one you’ll give up to it? some of us choose the good one, to be able to forgive themselves when they do something bad or wrong, they choose to hide the dark one and make it like a diary to keep secrets in it, a dark diary, no one but ourselves can know about it, those secrets that we can’t share with anyone but ourselves.

Others choose to show the dark one because they think if people see good in you they’ll expect good and they won’t live to anyone’s expectations, they choose that side to protect themselves and to hide what they afraid of.

We all have something to be afraid of it, some secrets to hide, secrets we will keep it with us till death, we all have two sides and in the end, it depends on which one you’ll choose??! it’s your decision to make…..



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  1. But you know both sides, are aware that both sides have a destiny. You’ve chosen well, you’ve chosen light over darkness, good over evil, high over low, love over hate.
    Mistakes and sins are human – those are inate in everyone’s DNA thanks to our original parents (Adam and Eve). We can choose not to sin, but we succumb to our desires. We ask forgiveness, and we are forgiven!! Every time! No matter how many times we f**k it up…
    Our G-d’s mercy is new every morning. Do you really believe that Jesus died on the cross to only forgive you “X” number of times? Once you reach you’re limit, you’re cut off? That’s NOT the G-d we worship darlin’… His love is inexcusable! His grace infinite! We’ve accepted him as our Savior, so allow him to save you – over and over and over and over again…
    Sending love ❤️
    Sending prayers 🙏
    Sending words of wisdom 📖
    Sending the light 🕯of the world 🌎
    He is our hope!
    G-d bless!!

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    1. Nourhan M. Sabek says:

      thank you for this comment and thanks for your encouragement ❤

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      1. How are things?


      2. things are good 🙂

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      3. Sorry that took so long!
        I’m still VERY unsure about how to use this site!
        I miss a lot.
        To even read your blogs… I wouldn’t know how to find them.
        I usually trip over notes from friends accidentally which I just did.
        Thanks for liking my post.
        I can’t say that “I’m good,” but I can say that I’m a wee bit better. My Dr helped tremendously with my pain medication, so at least I can function. Yay Doc! He’s been on my side, helping me through Progressive MS for 7 years. He’s done huge amounts of research, so I don’t need to travel to big hospitals 90 minutes away. I can see my specialist only when I’m going downhill to have a new MRI. My regular doc can order it, but has no one down here to read it.
        Hope that makes sense, and explains the length between my posts…
        I’ll try to check in more often.
        Stay good my brother.


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