Empty (Fin)


He drove her to her home;


She didn’t answer him, she got out from the car and walked toward her house, she knocked, no answer searched for the keys in her bag, she was so angry, frustrated, nervous.

He was still in his car, watching her, he saw her searching in her bag, the whole bag felt down, all that in it fell from the bag, he got out from the car and went to her; He knelt down in front of her,


She looked at him, the tears filled her eyes;

“I can’t remember anything, I love you Jack, but what hurts me that I can’t remember our days, those days they became empty, blank, nothing at all.”

She let herself and cried, he reached her and hugged her,

“I’ll make new memories for us, don’t think too much, please, we will be okay and we will get over all of that, my love.”

She hugged him back, buried her face in his chest,

“Stop crying, Elena, trust me, please, come back with me, I made all that, that show, the plan to make you fall in love with me again and remember anything, but now all I want is you, I can’t be without you, I can’t lose you again.”

“I just….need sometime, I want to be alone, Jack.”

He wiped her tears, made her stand up and knocked again on the doors; Elena’s father opened;

“Elena and Jack, Hi, come in.”

They came inside,

“Jack, How are you, my son?”

“I’m fine.”

“So what the reason behind this visit, Elena, are you okay?”

She looked at her dad, she tried to not lose control and went to search for her mother, Jack went with her dad to the living room, they sat on the couch,

“Is Everything okay, Did she remember?”

“No, just some hints, nothing big, but when she knew everything from me and the doctor, she decided to come here and stay by herself for some time.”

“Oh, Jack, I know you’re hurt, but leave her now and she’ll be back, I know she loves you.”

After a while, Elena came back to her father with her mother,

“Where’s Jack?”

“He left.”

She felt pain in her heart, she knows she loves him, but what she knew those days made her confused, she went to her room, closed the door behind her, throw herself on the bed; cried a lot, she reached her bag, took her phone out, looked at Jack’s name, but didn’t call him, then she went to her desk, opened the drawer, took out some albums, she found their photos together, she cried, put her head on the pillow, kept looking at the photos, touching them until she fell into a deep sleep.

The Next Morning;

She woke up, pulled herself out of the bed, went to the bathroom, took a shower, wore something fresh and clean, then went downstairs, her mother was in the kitchen, making the breakfast;

“Good morning, Mom.”

“Ele, Good morning my baby girl.”

Elena kissed her mom’s cheeks and went to drink her coffee;

“Did you sleep well, Elena?”

She looked at her mother, she knows when her mother called her “Elena” instead of “Ele” that means she will be serious;


“Good, because we need to talk.”

“I knew it. Okay, Mom.”

“Go set the table for the breakfast and call your father.”

They ate the breakfast and went to the living room, they sat down,

“Elena, baby, Jack is your husband, he loves you and you should be with him.”

“I know, Mom, but this mess in my head makes me so sad and nervous and angry.”


She looked at her dad;

“Yes, dad?!”

“Baby, we understand, but Jack also feels hurt and loves you so much, why not sit together and fix everything with each other not all by yourself.”

She took a deep breath and exhaled,

“Elena, go to the doctor, live with your husband, be normal, go back to your work, don’t think too much, this won’t solve anything, it will complicate it”

Her Mom took her hand and hugged her;

“You know how much we love you, Ele, but also we want you to the right thing for yourself and for Jack too.”

She hugged her mother back and didn’t answer or say anything.

She went back to her room, sat alone for a while, she thought about her family’s talk, she thought about Jack, she felt that she should be with him, she will be okay with him.

She took her phone, dialed his no.



“Come, take me.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, if I’ll cry, I’ll cry with you, I knew I can’t be a day without you, I don’t if I’ll remember, but I don’t want to lose you too, I want you to be with me and make new memories, want you to fill the vow in my head, the emptiness of your love, come, please.”

“Elena, I’ll come now, get ready and I’ll call you when I arrive, my love.”

They hung up, she got everything ready and put her bag beside the door, her father and her mother kissed her;

“You did the right thing, Ele.”

“You’re right mom and dad, He deserves the best and I feel that being with him will make me feel good and okay.”

They smiled at her and hugged her.

Jack came and took her, they drove to their house, he kissed her and embraced her with his love.

“Maybe she’ll never remember, maybe she will, no one knows what will happen the next moment, so all that we should do is to not waste the moment in our hands”



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