Finding Love


What’s Love? Does anyone know what it means? Does anyone really fell in love?

We all search for love, we all want to love and be loved, but really, what is love?

Love isn’t about sex or about talking to each other every day or about meeting each other every day or about be a girlfriend and boyfriend or about marriage.

Love is not just about man loves woman, Love is the way we express our feelings, love is the way you show the actions, love is for everyone, love is to love your brother, your sister, your mother, your father, your whole family, love is to be protective, is to show your love to your friends, love is to love your daughter, your son, love is to be selfless, is to be a better person.

Love is to take actions that show your love, to express every feeling and be capable to do anything to protect and save your love, love is not just a word to say it, it’s an action to take it, it’s a lifestyle you should have it, love is to be able to forgive and forget, love is to be trustworthy.

Love between he and she is not about sex, not just marriage, it’s about respect, about loving the soul before the body because soul is what remains young forever but the body will age and will lose its own shine, love is about respecting each other, is about holding each other hands and make each other dreams come true, love is about both of us, not just me or just you.

Love isn’t a word, isn’t easy, it’s a responsibility and an action, if you can’t respect it don’t do it, don’t step any step toward it because you’ll humiliate it…



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