Different Love (part 1)


The cameras everywhere around him, taking the pictures of him, he won the prize for the best actor and everyone congrats him, the fans everywhere, scream his name waiting for him to come and take a picture with him or have an autograph.

She’s between them, a simple and normal girl who loves him like all the fans, that’s her first time to do that and come to be from the fans who follow their favorite actor to take a picture of him or an autograph from him.

She’s a girl that never do that, she’s practical and always say that everyone should know his limits, but she likes him and wanted to try something new, she’s a tourist in his country and wanted to do that as something different.

She got into the crowd and calls him like everyone else, he saw her, looked at her for a couple of seconds and didn’t answer. She knows he looked at her and heard her, but she doesn’t know why he didn’t answer her like he did with others.

She Walks away, kept walking until she found a cafe shop, she got in and sat down, the waiter came to her; he at first talk to her with his language ‘Indian’ but she didn’t understand him;

“I’m not Indian”

“Oh sorry, Ma’am, What can I get you?”

She looked at the menu;

“Ice coffee with cream and sugar, please.”

“Sure, anything else?”

“No, thank you.”

He left her and she took her diary from her back bag. She’s writing;

“I challenged myself today to do something I never did before and went to that place where the award function held on, I saw him, wanted to take his autograph, he saw me, but he didn’t answer me.

I told you, Helen, he won’t look at you, you’re crazy, but anyway you’re here in India to enjoy and travel, so it’s okay, he’s famous and he’s busy, so busy 😀 anyway, I should search for places to visit tomorrow, as I’m in Mumbai so let’s see what I’ll find.”

She closed her Diary and put it back in its place, the waiter came and put her ice coffee;

“Anything else?”

“No, thank you.”

After drinking her coffee, she went out, waiting for a ‘reksha’ like Indians call it or a taxi or something to go back to her hotel.

She stood there, there’s nothing at all and it’s night, she can’t stand here forever, she walks, a motorcycle came fast and wanted to steal her bag, but she didn’t leave it to him, she fell down and he ran away.

A car came fast, Helen was in the middle, in front of the car, she closed her eyes from the shock, she’s still on the ground, the car stopped, she’s still closing her eyes, her hands on her face, a man sound talks Indian and she looked at him.

It’s him, the actor she likes, her favorite actor, she stood up quickly;

“I-I’m so sorry, I’m not Indian, I can’t understand Hindi and…”

He stopped her, he remembered her, the girl that wanted his autograph and he didn’t answer her;

“I don’t care who you’re, but you being here will get me many problems I don’t need.”

Her eyes filled with tears, she looked at him.

“I had an accident, sir, I’m not in the middle of the way by my choice.”

“I told you, I don’t care, but I don’t want to hit you or you to die, so please, take a side.”

She didn’t say anything and took a side, she couldn’t believe why is he so rude to her like that?!

He left her standing alone in the street and her knees are bleeding, she managed and went back to the hotel, it’s not a hotel, it’s a small motel or hostel cheap, she’s not that rich to be in a hotel for three months.

She decided to be in India for three months to travel every city in it and watch everything of it, she likes traveling and photography.

After three weeks, she decided to go to Goa, she packed her bag and took her camera, she took a bus to Goa, when she arrived there and went to the place she will stay in, she found an advertisement; they need people to volunteer to teach kids different skills like drawing, photography, foreign language..etc.

She liked that event and decided to participate in it. She went to the front desk;

“Please, how can I attend this event?” She showed him the advertisement.

“There’s a Facebook page, see it you’ll find the event and everything about it, Ma’am.”

“Thank you.” She went to her room, opened her lap, saw the event and its details.

She visits the orphanage house where the event will be, she even will stay for a month for that event.

There she saw him again, she opened her eyes wide, “why is he here?” she asked herself. she walks toward the class he’s inside, she pumped in an old woman.

“I’m so sorry, ma’am.” Helen said to the woman. “so sorry.”

“It’s okay, my girl. Who are you?”

“I’m here for the event, teaching kids different skills!”

“Oh, yes, okay, go straight to your right there’s the principal’s office, he’ll tell you everything you need to know.”

“Thank you.”

The woman was going to walk away, Helen stopped her;

“Please, sorry, why Mr. Dev, the actor is here.”

“you know him!”

“yes, he’s famous.”

“He’s here in Goa for a vacation and every time he’s here, he comes here and stays with the kids.”

“Oh, okay, thanks.”

She said to herself she won’t care and she walked to the principle’s office, she knocked on the door and went inside.

“Hello, sir.”


“I’m Helen, I’m here for volunteering, the event?”

“Oh, yes, come and sit please.”

“Thank you.” She sat down and He told her everything she needs and gave her a schedule, She stood up and thanked him, When she opened the door, She hit on a man, it was him ‘Dev’.

This time before letting him see her face or leave him a chance to talk, she ran away. He looked at her;

“Weird.” Then went into the office and closed the room behind him.

On the next day, she arrived at the orphanage house, she began working in her class, she likes the kids so much and feels happy with them, she taught them English and played with them.

In the break, she waited for the kids to go out and took her bag, went out and on her way to outside a car hit her.

A man went outside of it and grabbed her hands to help her.

“Are you okay?”

She looked at him, it’s ‘Dev’ when he saw her;

“You! again, are you in love with my car or something or want to die?”

She hated the way he talks, she pushed him;

“Why are you so rude?”

“Oh, I helped you and you say I’m rude.” He clapped “So nice.”

She looked at, she can’t believe this is the same man who loves kids and plays with them and here with her, he’s so rude.

“Yes, you’re, remember the 1st time?”

“Why should I remember?”

“You remember and you said that.”

“You know what! I don’t care what you think about me.”

He walked away, she ran behind him and stopped him.

“Wait a minute, tell me something, why are you like that with me?”

“Did you look at your face in the mirror, your look, why should I care about you or know how I like with you, you’re nothing.”

“Oh, thanks for telling me.” She walked away, the tears filled her eyes and she went to the nearest beach and there she walked alone, thinking;

“My face, my look, my body, oh, Helen, every time this is the issue and you’re alone because of that, you’re in a world no one cares for your mind but cares for your body and look. It’s enough, is that because I wear glasses or because I’m not showing my body like most girls or because I make my hair a bun or ponytail? Why??”

She fell down on the sand, crying hard and playing in the sand.

“Helen, you’re in a world where everyone looks to the shape and face, where they choose the look, should you change yourself to be loved or chosen? Should you change yourself to be acceptable?” She kept talking to herself and crying.

She stood up and decided to teach him a lesson, he’ll never forget it, never.

She went back to the orphanage house and went into the class he’s inside, he looked at her. She bought to the kids some sweets and made them get out, she walked toward him after closing the door behind her.

“Hi, I’m Helen.” She gave her hand to greet him, he looked down at her hand and then at her.

“Oh, sorry, I know you don’t care to know me, but I’m not like you.”

“What’s that means?”

“I’m not looking at the face and shape and look.”

“Really! everyone does this day.”

“But not me. and I’ll give you a lesson you’ll not forget. ”

He nodded

“Okay, let’s see, I’ll challenge you.”


“You’ll spend a full day with a man not handsome and treat him well as you like him or something.

“Deal, I agree. But if I went, I’ll challenge you too, sir.”

“Okay, I agree, I’ll get the man tomorrow and you’ll take him, spend with him a day. See you.”

He left the room and rode his car and drove away.

He got her the man, he’s so normal and he can’t talk English, she knows he did that in purpose, she took the man, spent a day with him, they went and walked on the beach, she finally made him understand her and they ate from the cars on the street, he took a bicycle and she rode behind him, he drove her back to the orphanage house and they were laughing, Dev saw this and stopped in his place and couldn’t say anything from the surprise.

“So Mr. Dev, the famous big actor with a small mind.”

He got angry and grabbed her hands, pulled her to the walls;

“Don’t talk to me like that again, do you understand?”

She pushed him away.

“No, I don’t and don’t shout or do you what you did now. Now for my challenge, sir.”

He looked at her, the first time a girl talks to him like that or look at him like she does, and challenges him.

“My challenge is, to spend a whole month with me, date me and in front of media, I won’t change myself, let’s see what everyone will say about you and how you’ll react and how you’ll deal with this.”

“Are you crazy?”

“Maybe. What do you say?”

He gave her his back, hit his car.


She came closer to him.

“What? I didn’t hear you.”

“Okay, I agree.”

“Good. We will meet again, Mr. Dev.”

She left him and walked away, he was looking at her.


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