Different Love (Part 2- Finale)


Helen went to the orphanage house, did her work when she got out she found Dev in his car. She rode the car.


He looked at her and didn’t say anything. She looked at him, one of her eyebrows is up;

“I think I said Hi!”

“I heard you.”

He started the car and began driving.

“I didn’t hear you, Mr. Dev!”

“I didn’t say anything for you to hear me.”

“Okay! if you didn’t greet me now, I’d get out from this car.”

He didn’t give her any attention. She opened the door, he looked at her and pulled over the car.

“Are you crazy?”


“Okay! Hi, Helen, How are you today?”

“I’m fine and you. Dev?”

He looked at her, this the first time she said his name without Mr. He took off his seat belt; bent over her, reached his hand and closed the door.  He was so close to her, she felt his breathing and felt him; she didn’t like the situation, and he didn’t like it too.

He closed the door and locked it, then he put her seat belt, put his seat belt too and drove.

“Why are you like that?”

“Like what?”

“Arrogant, I don’t know, you don’t seem like onscreen, I know of course onscreen you’re acting, and there’s a difference between the real you and the characters you make, I like the characters more even the evil of them.”

He nodded and smiled, he noticed it;

“OMG, he smiles!”


“Man, you never smiled in front of me before and by the way, why are you like that with me, why when you saw me the first time, you ignored me, and when you saw me on the ground, you were angry and left me alone, you didn’t even offer your help and everytime you see me you look like you saw the devil or something.”

“the first thing, I learned that the look is important, I don’t like you and your look.”

“You don’t know me.”

“Yes, but your look is 50% of you.”

“Oh, I got it, the look is important for a famous actor like you, a self-obsessed man that so empty from inside and just concentrates on the look, shape, and size! Wonderful.”

Both didn’t talk for a while and he took her to a clothes store, she looked from the windows, it seems so expensive, she looked at him;

“Where are we?”

“We will buy a dress for tonight.”

“Really, I have dresses, thanks.”

“No, you’ll wear what I like, you challenged me to get out with you, but this will be by my rules, Miss. Helen.”

She thought for a moment and decided to do what he asked, she has something inside her head and she’ll sure do what she wants.

They go into the store, He chose few dresses black, white and red, his favorite colors and gave it to her. She went into the changing room, took the first dress, it’s black, without sleeves and tall, noticed that he likes the tall dresses, not the short ones, wore the dress and loved it, but she doesn’t want the dresses without sleeves so much.

She went out; he was sitting in front of her changing room, a cup of coffee in hand and the other holds the cell phone.

He raised his head and looked at her, something inside him made him doesn’t like the dress, her chest, her white skin is so exposed.

“No, change it, please.”

She wore the second black dress, it was with sleeves but opened from the back, she went out, showed him, he didn’t like it, she wore the red one, and he didn’t like it too, he refused all the dress, there’s the last one, she left it to the end.

She wore the last black dress, it’s tall, its sleeves down from the shoulders, a little bit opened from the left leg, she went out, he looked at her and stood up.

Walked closer to her, walks around her, looks at her from up to down; then he stopped in front of her;

“This one.”

She knew it he will choose this one, he doesn’t like the dress that exposes the body so much and black is the color he loves more, she smiled and didn’t say anything, she went inside and changed her clothes.

He bought the dress, he gave it to her, she found inside the box, the burse, and the heels. She took it, and they went back to his car.

He drove her to the place she stayed in to change and waited for her, he was already dressed, at first she thought he’d accept to get out with her wearing the dress she was wearing, but of course, he won’t.

She changed, she wore her accessories, put a simple makeup and left her hair, put it on one side, left it for the first time, her brown, tall hair, for the first time she goes her hair straight like that.

She went down to him, he looked at her and stunned in his place, looked at her from down to up, he likes what he sees, she’s more than what she hides.

She walked toward him, got closer and whispered in his ears;

“look can change easily, but what’s inside doesn’t change Mr. Dev.”

They drove to the restaurant. They sat on the table, Dev reserved it. They didn’t talk for a while; they ordered the food, Dev looked at Helen.

“Where are you from, Helen?”


“Mmm, and what do you do, what’s your job?”

She smiled;



“I’m a photographer, a traveler.”

He nodded.

The waiter came with the food and the drinks, Dev was going to put her some wine, but she stopped him.

“I don’t drink.”

“Okay! Now, I’m confused, you’re from Canda, right, and you don’t drink.”

She raised her eyebrow,

“What’s the question here! If I’m from Canda, I should drink, I hate alcohol before you ask because my Mom was addicted to alcohol and died when I was 19 years old.”

“I’m sorry and your Dad?”

“My dad was the best dad ever, but he was in love with Mom so much that he couldn’t live without her, he died after her, about a year after her death.”

“I’m so sorry for your loss.”

“Don’t be, I’m okay, I worked and finished the university, then worked on many things until I bought a camera and began traveling.”

They ate their food and didn’t talk, she got up and asked him for a dance, he smirked and stood up and danced with her.

Day after day, they began to get close to each other, she changes him, shows him a different side of the world, aside far away from the look, shape, and size.

She saw him laughing, he loves kids, but somehow doesn’t love the old people, for the first time she sees someone like that.

He began to feel free with her, she changes him so much, he feels that and knows that his old theory was wrong and now she proves that her opinion will always be right, but people became so empty that they consider the look and shape and size are essential.

Day after day he laughs with her, having fun together and loves to be with each other, the media began to talk and notice them, takes many photos of them, Dev reads all of that and he knows that it’ll finish soon, she will leave India soon.

He went to her, went to her room, knocked the door, she opened and he got inside.


He’s so angry.

“Why did you do all of that? What do you want?”

“I just wanted to teach you a lesson and make you realize that look isn’t so important.”

“Just that?”

She walked closer to him, put her hands on his face;

“No, Somehow the first time I saw you in TV and Cinema, I liked you, you became my favorite and always love to watch you and know everything about you and read your news and see all your interviews.”

She stopped for a while and took a deep breath;

“I came here because I wanted to see the city, but when I found the opportunity to meet you, to see you, I wanted to hunt this chance and see you just for once, I don’t know what happens to me, I wanted to see you, but when you saw me and turned your back to me, I hated it, when you left me alone, I felt something inside me broken.”

She moved back a few steps and stopped for some moments.


“And when I saw you in Goa, and what happened before gave me the chance I wanted, to change the way you look to the life and to people, to give a lesson, but then I knew what was inside me, I know the name of it, I know that I’m falling in love with you, I loved you even if we didn’t meet, I loved you like a little girl has crush on some actor, I’m not that kind of girls, I’m so practical and not stupid.”

He got close to her, grabbed her hand and pulled her closer.

“You loved me even before we met!”

She didn’t answer him.

“Answer me, Helen.”

She pushed him away.

“Yes, like a stupid girl, I did and knew it from the beginning, but I didn’t want to admit it, yes, I love you and love everything in you, your flaws before loving your features.”

He stepped back and surprised by what she said.

“You’re famous and you’ll find many other girls that want you or have a crush on you, but I yeah, laugh at me because I love you.”

He saw her bag, she packed her things. She took her bag and was going to go, he stopped her.

“Where are you going?”

“I’ll go back to my home.”

“No, you won’t.”


“Because I won’t let you go, now, you’ll hear me. Don’t say you’re stupid, maybe crazy, no not maybe, you’re crazy. I always thought that look is very important and then you came and changed everything, changed the way I look to everything, maybe God made us meet each other because destiny wants us to be together.”

She looked at him, surprised by what he says.

“I fell in love with you too, like a crazy person, I love you and want to be with you, want you to be mine, you made me fall into you like a crazy man, fall in love with your smile, your attitude, your behavior, your angry side and the good side and then made me love the side that knows how to be pretty without some makeup or expensive dress.”

He walked toward her, took the bag from her, kissed her cheeks and her forehead.

“I love everything about you, love the way you walk, the way you talk, the way to love, the way you’re angry and the way you love me, I love everything, I don’t know when I began to love you, but I know that I can’t let you go, yes, I’m obsessed and Ma’am you’ll have to deal with this obsession from now.”

She laughed and her eyes filled with tears.

“You love me!”

“Yes, I do.”

She hugged him, he laughed and kissed her.

“Some love stories seem impossible, but nothing is impossible.”


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