I found myself sinking into his eyes more and more, found myself writing about him. Every time I open my diaries, I find that all the pages are about him, about his art, his eyes, his expressions and his voice.

Every time I close my eyes, I see him, imagine him and dream about him, I don’t know when this happened or how or why?! All I know that I love to see him and hear his voice.

Is it love? I don’t know what love is; all I know that he took me from myself, everyone told me about love, but all of them are different, I don’t know if this is love or not, I don’t know what’s really happen to me.

His brown eyes, the way he can express everything with his eyes when the tears fall from it, it moves my heart and makes my tears fall, his eyes are what makes him so good and so handsome.

His smile, it’s like his brand, it’s simply so beautiful, his voice, when he talks with excitement, the way he talks, the way he smiles, the way he looks, all of that took me, took my breath away and made me love to see him every day and every minute.

I write about him, every page is about him, every word is about him, every dream is about him, is it love?, I really don’t know, but I don’t like that feeling, sometimes it irritates me to feel that way about him, I can’t let myself fall, this isn’t me, if this became love, it’ll be impossible

My mind full of thoughts unorganized, but it’s all about him, how this happened and when and why!!! I want to get him out of my mind and forget about him because he’ll never be, he’ll never know.





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