The unknown

There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.

Aldous Huxley

When we were kids, we didn’t have any responsibility for anything in the life. We just sleep, wake up and play, then we got a little bit older and went to school. We had that responsibility for studying and success in the school. And every time we get older, we get to know that life is changing from being a child with no concerns to an adult with many concerns and complicated life.

We are complicating our lives by our hands. Strange! Maybe. I know you won’t admit it! But it’s the truth, we complicate our lives by the actions we made and make, by the decisions we chose and choose. From being innocents with no concerns to being guilty toward ourselves. It’s not only the life’s fault actually it’s ours too. remember the first decision you took, remember the first action you made and study it very well then write it down What was wrong with this action or this decision?” “What got me here, What put me in this situation?”  

Life is always full of surprises, every minute is actually unknown and every day will give and teach you something different. It’s up to you to choose between making the same mistake over and over again or choose to learn from it, don’t regret and move on.

The beauty in the life is that the next second is unknown, the beauty is that you don’t know what gonna happen next, but that’s not mean you leave everything for the chance. No, you should plan your life. You should fight for your dreams. You should work hard and the next that’s not in your hand leave it and don’t think about it. Don’t think about what’s not in your hand, what you can’t do anything about it. Leave the unknown and hold on what you know.

Stop pushing your life toward the cliff and destroy it. Stop thinking of what you can’t change or do anything about. Stop concerning on the future or thinking about the past because your past is behind you, you can’t go back and your future isn’t in your hand.

Hold on this moment you have in your hand and focus on it. Work hard with passion to achieve your dreams. To have the life you dream about. Fight and never give up. And stop complicating your life. What is gone we will never get it back, but we have now and it’s all up to your perceptions.

If you really want something deeply from your heart, then you’ll get it. All what you need is to work hard to get it…

Use your knowledge as a weapon to become what you want, but stop using it to predict the future that whatever you do you won’t be able to predict it. Learn from every day, learn from the lessons life gives you. Don’t waste those lessons because believe me they are so important and so good to your future. Don’t fall into the same mistake twice. learn and apply what you have learned…

“The unknown is like the road, it’s up to you to choose which way you want to take and take the responsibility for it. If it’s the wrong way, don’t worry you can find the right way and don’t regret it. Learn from your mistakes…”

Nourhan M. Sabek




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