Toxic relationship

There are some people when they get in your life they make it better and some will make it like hell, but still, you are addicted to those people, they are the faster in making you addicted to them and obsessed with them.

They will show you the best, you’ll dream to be like them, but suddenly you’ll see their worst, you’ll see that behind their faces other faces, behind their best there is some evilness, behind the best life you saw another hell, they are the toxic people.

The toxic you can’t get it out easily. Toxic you became addicted to it like drugs, They are like drugs, the difference is drugs are things you choose to buy it or not, but those people are just getting in your life without permission. They get in and make you attached to them, then obsessed, then addicted the final level is to die or to fight and fix yourself by staying away from them.

The worst part is Toxic love, that kind of love you desire, that love you want so bad, that love is built on desire and lust. This toxic mixture desire and lust, both will kill you slowly, but you won’t stay away, you’ll always want more and more, you’ll always cry for more. This toxic relationship is beyond addiction, again you’ll have to choose to die in it or get yourself out and fight hard to get out this addiction, this obsession.

In all ways, you’ll have to choose, to be with them, like them and die or to let go of them, get them out and save yourself…

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