Behind her pretty face, there was a smart and sophisticated mind;

Behind her curvy body, there was a tormented soul;

Behind the smile on her red lips, there was a sadness in her eyes;

Behind the perfection, there was the beauty of imperfection;

Behind the empty look, there was the brain that fed on the books;

Her lips filled with the words of the poems;

Her eyes filled the pain of the tears;

Behind that sexy body remained the smartness mind of hers;

She had to seem ridiculous, fool with no brain to live in that foolish life, to fit in;

Her pretty face, red lips, open dress, and heels showed the woman we wanted to see but hid the mind we were blinded to see;

We saw her on the big screen with her beautiful voice and looks that held so much pain;

Her perfection was in her imperfection;

She read poet to keep the time; she wrote poems to live in the history;

She’s the history that proves that every pretty face has a smart mind…

She’s Marilyn Monroe, She is the symbol of a woman who had a beautiful face and a smart mind.


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