we wait for the chances to come by, but we never hunt it down; we wait for the morning to come to begin, for the beginning of the month or the week or the year to begin but never began in the middle of it or the end of it; sometimes we never begin actually. We wait for the seconds, the minutes and hours to pass without noticing that we lose time from our lives. We wait for the bad feelings to go away, but we never learn from the past; We wait for tomorrow losing the day in our hands, losing the time we guaranteed that we’re alive in it.

We wait for love, but don’t give enough love to all the people around us; we wait for a specific kind of love ignoring all the love around us; we wait for the perfect time to tell the true feelings we feel for others, but actually there’s no perfect time; we wait for the money to fly high, when actually we can fly high and free with little money we already have.

We wait for the truth, but we always lie; we wait from others to forgive us, but we forgive neither them nor ourselves; we keep waiting for everything, but nothing comes because we don’t do the right to ourselves or to the people or toward our dreams.

Will we be able to move on and start and fight if we keep waiting for everything to come to us on a gold plate? Will we be able to live the life of our dreams if we still standing in our place waiting and waiting until the death comes and takes our souls away? Will we be able to stand for the right even if this means standing alone?

Questions without answers, you may ask it to yourself, maybe you’ll find the answers within yourself…


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